jQuery Mobile Framework Released

jQuery Mobile, touted as a touch-optimized Web framework for smartphones and tables has been released as an early alpha 1 version. Built on the top of jQuery and jQuery UI code, it provides a unified user interface across all major mobile device platforms. The code in itself is lightweight (12Kb compressed), flexible and supports a themeable design.

jQuery Mobile makes use of several HTML5 and CSS3 features and if a mobile browser doesn’t support some of these features yet, it will degrade gracefully without affecting the user experience. Currently jQuery Mobile includes several layout types (lists, detail panes, overlays) and a rich set of form controls and widgets like toggles, sliders and tabs.

While there are several other mobile UI frameworks like PhoneGab, baseJS or even Sencha Touch available, jQuery Mobile has a higher chance of being adopted by the development community. Worth noting that prior to the official release of this framework, there was already a jQuery plugin named jQTouch, but it was more geared towards iPhone and iPod web development.