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LogoBee is an online company based in Canada which offers primarily logo design. However, stationery, graphic and web design can all be ordered as well. Add to this diverse other services such as free logo templates, a design blog and more. LogoBee has withstood the test of time, as it has been open since the year 2000. Over ten years, the logo design company has serviced over 10 000 clients and has received top honours at the Summit Creative Awards and American Design Awards.

LogoBee is one of the few companies these days which do not take what could arguably be called the “easy way out” of logo design: spec work, a popular approach to design that involves a contest between large numbers of freelance designers, most of them working overseas. Only the one who creates the design chosen by the client actually gets paid. Spec work has been criticized for several reasons, from the unreliability of it to the devaluation of logo design it causes. Instead, all of LogoBee’s designers work in-house, and only the best of all work applications are accepted.

Logo Samples from LogoBee.com

LogoBee takes an approach to custom logo design which involves working in close cooperation with the client. First of all, the buyer can order one of a diversity of packages in accordance with budget and needs. After receiving the order, LogoBee assigns at least two designers (plus a project coordinator) to each project, to offer the client a good diversity in styles. With certain packages, LogoBee’s designers can prepare up to 8 samples within 2 days. Then the client may choose to keep one of those samples, to merge elements from several logos into one, or to get a new set of samples for free (the amount of changes available is unlimited with select packages). LogoBee also has a full money-back guarantee and lifetime support policy.

Besides, LogoBee also offers a large set of pre-created logos called “logo templates” which a client can download absolutely free, then modify to his liking and use as a logo. LogoBee also offers the possibility to buy customized templates (to have designers slightly modify the logo according to client’s specifications), or buy exclusive templates, which furthermore ensures that the logo is removed from the gallery so that no other client can download it. All of those are cheap alternatives to standard logo design, and the template gallery is wide enough to give a good chance that a client on a tight budget just might find something to fit his liking.

Web Design Samples from LogoBee

Not content with creating logos, LogoBee also offers several other services, such as creation of stationery design (such as business cards and letterheads), and even web design. LogoBee offers custom website design with up to 30 static pages, with custom features including extended CMS, e-commerce functions, a forum or blog…

Overall, LogoBee should be considered when choosing a company to suit your logo and web design needs.