Let’s Make The Web Faster

Google launched a new project, ‘Let’s Make the Web Faster‘ aimed at helping developers speed up their web sites and applications.  Some of the researches that the company conducted show that speed has a great impact on the way people interact with web sites and visitor prefer faster and more responsive apps. Based on these researches and Google’s own expertise in optimization, it created a new initiative to share and discuss best practices with web developers through tutorials, tips and performance tools.

The articles are available as video presentations with supporting screencasts and text. Their ‘Optimizing web graphics‘ article will give you a quick insight as to how choose the best file format for your images while the article on ‘Properly including stylesheets and scripts‘ discusses how to order your script files in the HTML source code to harness browser’s parallel downloads. There are also some great server side optimization articles like HTTP caching and gzip compression.

Several tools and downloads are also freely available to help you analyze areas for speed improvements. There is also a community forum to discuss and share ideas on how the web can be made faster.

Finally if you are a developer, remember to check other Google’s projects geared toward web developers like Google Code, Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine.


  1. sourav

    This is really a good topics that all web developer should know.

  2. Ashok Parmar

    This is really helpful to web developers.