RankTrader: Get People to Invest in your Site

Ranktrader, a virtual stock market for websites is the way of the future for webmasters who want to have an additional source of income from their websites. It is the first online platform of its kind and really gives credit to the term virtual real estate.

The recently launched platform has a twofold benefit. Webmasters can sign up, submit their sites, and make a public offering to sell virtual shares of the submitted site on the market. They benefit by getting an additional income when investors purchase the site’s shares.

Why would investors purchase v-shares?


This is a fun game that requires very little of your money to participating in! You can help sustain those websites you love in a much more interactive and interesting way to promote your site than ever before.

To continue on the question as to why you should invest: the answer lies the second part of the twofold benefit. Investors are really people who are looking for alternative methods to make money online. Many people are eager to get their share of gold in the online rush, but are not willing to build their own sites. In case you missed it, managing a site takes a lot of time. Adding content, search engine optimization, promoting the site, and social networking to increase the site’s social signals is a full time undertaking. Some people would rather not go the long route to make money online.
Enter Ranktrader. Investors sign up and search through the database of sites in order to locate sites that are good potential investments. A promising site is one where the value of the shares will increase over time. Investors can follow the buy low, sell high principles of the stock market, and make a sizable profit on their investments.


Webmasters, herein lies the benefit for you.

When investors spot your site on the marketplace and invest in your site, you earn money. Think of how much you can do if you had extra income to invest in your site. Injecting money into the site, the right way, will increase the value of your shares. And everybody wins!
But before you get to all that good stuff, you need to join the marketplace. Signing up is simple, so simple that you can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Your next steps should be to submit your site and get it verified. The RankTrader interface is intuitive, so you’ll have no problems finding your way around.

You should know that when you initiate a public offering, you’re selling virtual shares, not actual shares. So you’ll retain full ownership of your website.

To make your offering look as attractive as possible, your site’s value or potential value should be somewhat obvious. RankTrader provides tools in their interface that help investors analyze a website’s value. Factors like the Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Site Score, Site Weight, Backlinks, Referring Domains, Recommendations, and Votes are all considered.
If your site is does not have a better than average rating on all these points, you should be able to show the site’s potential to get there. The better your site is the more activity you’ll see on the marketplace.

Invite Your Website Visitors To Invest In Your Site

You have probably seen sites where webmasters use a Paypal Donate button on the sidebar to increase their income. If you currently use such a button, how is it working for you? If the results are meager at best, why not replace it with a surefire way to increase your income.
If you provide value, your website visitors will be more inclined to invest in your site than to Donate or Buy You A Beer.

Why do you think this is?

Well, when they donate, they won’t get anything in return. But if you ask visitors to invest in your site that could really be intriguing. Hmmm. They give some by investing in a site that they already know the value of, and they get something in return. They get virtual shares in a site that they’re already emotionally (is that too strong a word?) invested in. They get shares that they can sell or trade down the road for a nice profit.

Which option do you think provides a better call to action? As Ranktrader provides plug-ins that are very easy to implement on to your website and beginning to sell v-shares can be done with just as much ease as promoting your site through any other method.


So, tell me, are you going to scramble for a Paypal Donate button now, or sign up for RankTrader where you can list your site, and invite your readers to invest in your little home on the web?

Go on now, check out Ranktrader, and see all they have to offer.

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