Tips on Converting your Hot Script’s Leads to Sales

Getting visitors to your listing page is only the first step in the conversion process. “So, how do I convert my visitors into sales leads”, you ask? After your visitor clicks on the ‘Visit Publisher Site” button on your listing page, it is not rocket-science to convert that visitor to a potential buyer if your product page has some essential elements. Here is a list of items that you can implement to truly harvest leads and convert them into sales:

Offer a test drive

The first thing that most of us will look for is a demo of the script. It is important that visitors can test drive the script (including the backend) before making any buying decisions. If for any reasons you cannot offer a demo on your site, then complement your product page with annotated screenshots or with video tours.

What’s under the hood?

State any special requirements that your potential buyers need; for example, web hosting, programming and browser requirements. Include information like what version of programming language your script has been designed for, does it require any 3rd-party plug-ins or add-ons, etc.

Support and Documentation

It is easy to claim that your product comes with complete documentation and you have 24/7 helpdesk ready to answer any questions; however highlighting this information on your site will re-assure your visitors. Upload your documentation (FAQs, manual, tips) onto your site and make them easy to find, add your physical address, phone numbers and links to your helpdesk or online chat.

See it in action!

Depending on the nature of your script, here are some other items you can consider adding to your sales page: examples of live sites using your script, case studies, testimonials, version/feature comparison, list of templates and plug-ins you offer.

Watch your step(s)!

A common mistake that a lot of listing partners do is NOT linking directly to their product page. If you have several products on your site, you should link to the product page in question rather than linking to the homepage. It is an unquestionable truth that the fewer steps a visitor has to go through to make a purchase, the easier you can convert him to a buyer.

Finally, below is a list of URLs that I believe are excellent examples of scripts pages that have all the essential elements:

If you need advice or suggestions on how to optimize your site’s conversion, feel free to post your questions in the Hot Scripts Forums.

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