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Tired of social and dating scripts which only create more and more clones all over the web? You think that a free solution downloaded by everyone on the web can create a unique site, interesting for your site members? They complain that your site is dull and uninteresting? And what is even more sad they do not want to pay for the membership? Well they will have, no, they will be happy to pay for the membership from now on. Try Chameleon! It has no analogs. It is being created for 9 years. It is unique and it can be yours within several clicks of the mouse! Music, Flash Profile, Places, Geo Social Networking, Blogs, Videos, Games, Voip Phone, Video Chat, Second Life 3D City, 3D Chat, Instant Messenger, Flash Chat, RSS Feeds, Profile Comments, Pics, Forum, Friend Listing Module, Flash Postcards, and about 3000 other unique features! Chameleon is just a community and dating site software like Ferrari is just a car for driving to work. Change colors! Try Chameleon!

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Jun 13, 2010 
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  • These guys are very professional, exceeded my expectation. Always answer my doubts, showing the solution, with images when necessary, in less than 24 hours. The script is very elaborate and stable. The only thing you might find negative is the fact that whoever wants to change the domain name in the future needs to buy a new license. But it's a fair condition for the quality of the script, the after-sales support and the affordable price. Another very interesting quality is for those who want to make modifications. For this they offer a service with programmers and designs that know Chameleon dating. What's bad in the script and support service ?? I'm still thinking...

  • We bought the software and it was full of bugs and when we tried to get them to help they blocked us. We lost $399 dollars and months of downtime. Save yourself the headaches and go with another provider. This Russian is known for ripping people off. He will try to tell you that this is a fake review. It's not. Real customer and we got scammed by this guy. equals scam! He will reply with not a real order number. It's 100% real. He's a thief!!!

  • Chameleon Social is the only social and dating software that really talks with their clients. They have a very lively Facebook page where they really speak with the clients Compare for example with Crickets :-) Where are the happy customers Skadate? Chameleon also has a special forum where it gathers wishes of the clients Of course they do not have a possibility to do every change the clients ask, but the one I asked was done for example. Yes, the price is low and Chameleon has a lot more customers than any other software as I assume, but really, does not Skadate have a single customer that would post on the fb page? Or there are no happy customers at all? Or no customers at all? Who knows...

  • Everyone is talking about Chameleon Social now, just like they are talking about Pokemon GO :-) So I decided to give it a try. No regrets so far! Pros: - 3DCity. Virtual reality is winning the world now, of course it is just a beginning, but one can not imagine a social app or website in 2020 without virtual reality. - Decent support. Sometimes the replies are not super fast, can take several hours, but the best thing is that they have no separate support staff, all support members are the programmers themselves. So when they see a problem they solve it very fast. - Good design. Well this can be seen on the demo. - Low price. Yes, it costs $247 which is 1/7-1/10th of normal prices of their competition. Cons: - Few templates. They definitely need to make more templates. Social networking and dating are so multi faceted that it is impossible to use just several themes. - No custom modification department. They say they will create one soon but right now they send us to Overall I think this is the best script one can get now. Maybe it is a little bit too popular because of its low price, but well, you can always customize the design and voila! you have a custom website of premium quality. Long live Chameleon Social!

  • Cemeleon or abledating?.... Nothing to say about the script....if fact they menace to law suite you if you do... but about the support it's another storry, if you leave negative feed back ,they will ban your site and denied support... Not sure.... jsut read this, it's a real conversation with they support and in the case the pretend im a competitor... jsut contact me directly on facebook, you see my name in the text.. Read this... Conversation Marc Baril Posted On: 20 Aug 2016 8:12 AM Hi apparently i got some trouble with my backup. what is the download link for abledating 2.4? Also, I seen that your new script support apple app? Did the fonction of seen other user on map work now? Did you new script support most recent php then 5.3(maybe 7)? If I deceide to upgrade after got some user, I will be able to migrate user? Did my current template can migrate to the new script? Albert Belkin Posted On: 20 Aug 2016 10:28 AM Hello! Here is the AbleDating software package for you. Please download this package: (hidden) The archive password is (hidden) Source: (hidden) files on the server in binary mode and after that run (hidden) You will be asked to enter the license key, so key (hidden) Here is the list of installation FAQs: (hidden) FAQ Here is the Installation and Admin CP Manual: (hidden) If you need modifications of the software, or you need new features, you can contact our modifications department at (hidden) Also, I seen that your new script support apple app? Yes > Did the fonction of seen other user on map work now? There is no such function > Did you new script support most recent php then 5.3(maybe 7)? Yes, it works on PHP 7 > If I deceide to upgrade after got some user, I will be able to migrate user? No > Did my current template can migrate to the new script? No Thank you! Marc Baril Posted On: 20 Aug 2016 7:24 PM ok thansk I try. jsut foe be sure, what is compatible version of php? Marc Baril Posted On: 20 Aug 2016 9:02 PM also, I use cent os, it's fine to select linux on installation step? Andrew Bonsky Posted On: 20 Aug 2016 10:58 PM To ask for support it would be really nice of you to delete your numerous comments about us online saying that we are "a real total scam", for example here And everywhere else. Marc Baril Posted On: 21 Aug 2016 4:27 AM support is supose to life garenti independant of the review. If the tech that answer me first get nice with me you will not get these review. But if you give me good support and make me happy, and garentie that you have talk with the employe that made me made, then I can think of removing them. Albert Belkin Posted On: 21 Aug 2016 11:42 AM Hello You can continue to next step because ioncube should be installed by hosting. Thank you! Andrew Bonsky Posted On: 21 Aug 2016 3:01 PM Also, unfortunately we will have to block and delete your site as soon as it appears online. As additional consideration for the license granted to you under this LA you specifically agree not to disclose or divulge any information whatsoever about the “Software Product” or the related business practices of the company, which constitute proprietary and confidential nature of the “Software Product” and the valuable trade secrets of “Software Product” contained therein by any means such as posting or printing any reviews, ratings, comments, articles on or within any web sites, newsgroups, chat rooms, e-mail messages, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, or any other media of any kind, whether printed, electronic, or other formats either now known or hereafter developed, or to cause or direct any other individual, company, organization, or other entity to undertake the activities outlined above, without the prior express written consent of the company, if such reviews or comments are intended to slander the company or to harm its reputation for failure to accede to demands or requests by you that are outside the scope of the legal rights and obligations of the parties under this license agreement. You further stipulate that in the event that you (or any other individual, company, organization, or other entity that you cause or direct to engage in the activities outlined above) post any such reviews, ratings, comments, articles, or other information about the “Software Product” or the related business practices of the company, you shall be finically liable to the company in case your participation is proven by court of competent jurisdiction. The parties understand financial liability is intended to compensate the company for its damages and thus constitute a remedy and not a penalty. In the event that you violate this section, you hereby agree to waive all rights to any judicial appeal of this section and this determination, and you hereby stipulate that a court of competent jurisdiction shall enter judgment against you in the relevant amounts. You further acknowledge and agree that this section shall in no way infringe upon the rights of the company to pursue other legal remedies against you or to collect other damages for additional causes of action, including but not limited to libel, defamation, tortuous interference with business, fraud, theft, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or other legal causes of action, and that this section shall be applicable and enforceable regardless of whether the company pursues any other such legal remedies, and regardless of the outcome of any such actions. Also the company can proceed to deleting and blocking the client's website remotely, but only if no other means of negotiation could help to negotiate the deletion of such posts online. Their signature was removed for lisibility reason, it's here if you want to read it: Thank you! IMPORTANT: Do not create additional tickets, just reply to this one, if the subject is the same. Please check our Knowledgebase if you have more questions: (hidden) If you have ideas about new features that Chameleon should have, please submit them on a special forum: (hidden) Source: (hidden) ###IF YOU GOT THIS BY EMAIL PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. PLEASE USE TICKET CENTER### SO? They told that you can't leave a feedback on their product... I leave feedback about their service quality and they ban my account? They vialate the law and play big brother and manace their own custumer of law suite if they don't remove nevative comment.... Did you really want to do business with that... They can't block competition anyway so.... contact me and I can suggest you some free script that you can use and get better support. Something that a competitor will no do... I don't tell you do not do business with them.... it's up to you after all...

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