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Basically Closhare is a file management system that allows you to upload, store and share your files from anywhere. It is secure, and features a drag-and-drop upload system with multiple file upload capabilities. It is easy to install and the application is extremely responsive through the use of AJAX calls. Plus it comes with dozens of other great features...

Closhare is a file management system. But wait! Check all of the gold features of it!


Since Closhare+plus has been released.
*Closhare is named as Closhare Basic.
*Closhare Basic is on sale now!(30$ to 9$)
From now on Closhare Basic has limited support so;
To protect consumer rights:
Who purchased Closhare Basic until this time can have Closhare+plus by sending this form to us.


New version 1.0.5 is released!

What's New?

  • Speed Improvments.
  • Fixed some errors.

  • Added social-login/register system (Supports Facebook & Twitter).
  • File/Folder Interaction improvements.
  • Fixed wrong total capacity indicator for clients.
  • Fixed mobile device viewport visibility problem.
  • Fixed Viewer problem right after upload process (while asset compression is on).
  • General performance improvements.

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Quick Look

  • Install and update are easy! 
  • There is an update notifier
  • Multi-User System
  • User management for administrator.
  • Compact beautiful 1:1 scaled screen.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Compatible to 99% mobile devices
  • Secure storage sytem
  • One page application( All requests are ajax based)
  • Multiple Skins (8 skins for now)
  • Excellent documentation
Upload Features

  • Multiple file upload
  • HTML5 Drag & Drop multiple file selection
  • Fallback for old browsers ( e.g. internet explorer 7)
  • Target folder selection.
  • Cancel Upload.
  • Upload up-to 4gb
  • Preview Video, Audio and Image files right after upload.
  • Unlimited folder creation
  • Folder and File Organization ( move, edit, delete)
  • Pre-defined Static categories (Image, Audio, Document, Video, Other)
  • Social File Sharing(Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc... and Email)
  • Share Single or multiple files at once.
  • Share a complete folder tree
  • Download complete folder tree as .zip file
  • View Video, Audio and image files without downloading
  • Short URLS generation (using
  • Pagination as infinite scroll ( loads on every 30 items in the list )
  • Intelligence ajax search box ( in all files and folders )

Core-User-Share Features (for end-users and admin)

  • Registration
  • Password reset
  • Password change
  • Used / Max space indicator

  • Basic system info.( php.ini )

  • Disable new user registration
  • Limit maximum users registration
  • Change mail templates
  • Select sharing options ( social platforms )
  • Change upload limits
  • Change max space.
  • File type limitation ( e.g. jpg, gif, png...)
  • Change mail sending option (PHP or SMTP)
  • Change Site title, url , description etc...
  • Use a cdn server for asset files.
  • Compress css/js files.

  • Active/De-active user
  • Delete user
Demo is only available at the following link!

Login Page

Administrator Login:
Email :
Password : demo

Client Login:
Email :
Password : demo

Future Plans:
*Until Version 2.0 Closhare must be installed only root-directory.


  • PHP >= 5.3.0
  • PHP mcrypt
  • Apache mod_rewrite module
  • PHP GD Library
  • PHP Fileinfo extension
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  • i tryed to install, the next button was grayed out, could not click next after database info,

  • Script was out of date so i clicked on the update script button and there site was down, i had to fix some of the error code myself

  • When you got some error you can contact me by email. Unless If you don't want to change/operate some features of Closhare just mail me to nedox at xneda dot com

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