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Edu Expression is a complete online examination system with built in performance analysis tools.

Edu Expression offers one of the most efficient, effective and easy to use web based examination and performance analysis system. Some of the features at a glance are:

  1. Responsive Layout
  2. Question Bank
  3. Question Difficulty Level
  4. Student | Student Grouping
  5. Flexible Examination Settings.
  6. Auto-publish, Unpublished Exam
  7. Graphical Result and Reporting
  8. Support Minus Marking
  9. Group Ranking
  10. Inbuilt Installer
  11. Inbuilt CMS (Basic)
  12. SEO Settings
    and much more.

Admin Demo


User/Password: – admin/admin

Student Demo


User/Password: – demo123

Online Examination Feature

With Edu Expression you can conduct virtually any kind of examination such as

  • Objective Questions
  • Multiple Choice Question
  • Subjective Question
  • True and False Question
  • Fill in the Blanks Question
  • Image based Question
  • Audio based Question
  • Video Based Questions

Exam Conduction and Management

  1. Strict Exam based on groups and students assigned in that group
  2. Restrict Exam based on Attempt Count defined for that particular exam
  3. Restrict Exam based on time (Auto Publish and Unpublished Exam)
  4. Control any individual or group to attempt exam from back end
  5. Manual Finalization of Exam for Individuals
  6. Manually add questions based on subject, question type, difficulty level to exam
  7. Enable/Disable Guest Attempt
  8. Enable Disable view result

Additional Features

Content Management System :

  1. Manage the Front End Slideshow
  2. Sidebar
  3. Logo
  4. News & Announcements
  5. Help Contents

SEO Features:

  1. Manage Title
  2. Meta Tag
  3. Meta Description
  4. Organization Name
  5. Organization Email Address

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