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Our poll system allows you to display the poll with images in any page, by pasting a simple javascript with poll titles. It saves the data without reloading the page. No database is required. Easy to customize by CSS file. You are able to display multiple different polls in same page.


- You can place multiple polls on same html page if you like.
- Same poll can be displayed in any page of your site.
- When voting, the data is sent in background without refreshing your complete html page.
- Your server should have PHP support, this should not be a problem with most servers.
- No database required.
- Poll can appear in pages with any extension (.html, .php, .asp, etc).
- Style, colors, fonts can be changed easy by CSS file style.css.
- New: you can set a time interval so the same user can vote again after a while.


For this script to work correctly on your hosting environment, please ensure that the latter meets the following requirements:

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  • I needed a poll with visuals and posted results below those graphics. This script worked easily, cleanly, and did exactly that.

  • For the moment nothing to say works as described I Appreciated to obtain a straight answer to the question I had after installation

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