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Email piping is a powerful technique, which allows advanced on-the-server email processing such as sending an auto response, submitting help desk ticket, subscribing the sender to a newsletter, spam filtering etc. Unfortunately the email piping feature is not available with each and every hosting account. If your hosting provider does not support email piping, you may use an alternate technique - pop3 account polling. The idea is pretty simple: poll an external POP3 account on a regular basis, retrieve email messages (if any), execute an email processing program and feed the message text to the program's standard input.

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  • This perl script pipes to a specified document that is not included with the solution. It's basically a spoon with no handle. I bought the solution because I want to pipe from an external mail server to a mhonarc archive. I'd have been happy if it just created a uniquely named duplicate of every incoming email to a specified folder. It was really designed to work with another program developed by the same people - only minimally referenced. When I downloaded the other software just to find an example end of pipe handler, the referenced file was not immediately evident. They should do two things: a. give away the document that tests whether Net::POP3 is available on their server prior to buying the pop2pipe.cgi script. b. provide at least one example end of pipe script that actually handles the pipe. Heck, it probably would only come to a few lines of code. They went as far as including a mailbox logger and a test file to make sure Net::POP3 is working. Why not a simple end of pipe to prove it works? I'm disappointed.

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