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ScriptCase is a complete tool to develop web systems in an easy and intuitive way generating PHP, Javascript and HTML source code. Scriptcase supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Interbase and Informix databases. Create Forms, Reports, HTML5 Charts, Menus, Dashboards and export to PDF, XLS, XML, RTF, DOC formats.

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Mar 13, 2016 
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Free trial with all funcionalities for 20 days.
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Scriptcase is the Rolls-Royce of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for web development allowing you to save hours of hand coding by automatically generating web forms and reports, charts, menus, and dashboards. Read full review >

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Average Member Rating: 3.57/5

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  • .Net has more advantages than scriptcase like windows app development, android app development, web API development, you can generate DB scripts as well. .Net has huge pool of resources. Choose scriptcase only if you want to take risk.

  • I went to ScriptCase 3 weeks ago, cause I needed to build up a database centric application fast and focus on Business Logic. It was my pleasure to see how fast I can create some GRID's and FORM's. I dont have to do anything to get a toolbar to browse through the data. ScriptCase has also a lot of settings you can do, supports Events, Ajax,... So far so great. But. ScriptCase has a really bad support! Don't expect any help from them! And, do the database stuff inside your database. Complex Queries inside ScriptCase wont' work. Layout of Application is simple but ok. I develop now 3 weeks with ScriptCase, but I still have questions, which nobody is willing to answer to me. The Support-Team even know less than me...:-(

  • This tool is fabulous for publishing data to the web from legacy databases. It's not the greatest for procedural scripting but if you do the heavy lifting in stored procedures in the database, you can build a presentation layer with remarkable speed.

  • It's a good product, but... - You need to pay extra for support on a tool you bought!!!! - Many bugs. - The bugs forum sucks, nobody answers, even if you suffer from a bug that does not let you deploy your app.

  • Spent the last 14 days (not 20 days) learning how to utilize this RAD for building an actual much needed application I've been putting off. Being a hands on type of person, what better way to learn a new tool. However, if you have a project that needs to be built sooner rather than later you might want to hold off. My first experience with RAD's started with AppGini. For a really basic RAD, its really super easy. But for this project, I needed to do more then add, change, view and delete data. I spent all of 5 minutes on each of the other RAD's and Scriptcase came across as something that provided me the rudimentary functionality that I was looking and then some when I need it. Scriptcase has both an easy and hard learning curve. Putting together a simple form application is pretty straight forward. Not as simple as AppGini but still relatively easy. The hard part came when trying to figuring out how to manipulate the tool in order to create basic logic processes. For example, I know how to actually code this in PHP, but through the RAD, I'm still trying to figure out how to pass session variables back and forth. Scriptcase's knowledge library, FAQ's, and tutorials are okay. But I still ended up having to contact someone on their support staff on a few occasions to clue me in on how to do something basic, like setting the select to autofill the next select. Its easy once you know what to click. You just have to keep reminding yourself to just do it Scriptcase's way. What would be nice is a walk-through manual of a robust application. Something that takes advantage of the different settings, features and functions the RAD has to offer. But actually shows you how to do it. The videos are okay if you are just looking for ideas. But for an hands on type of person like me, its yet another step to deal with if you have zero experience with Scriptcase. A printable PDF of an actual robust application that I can walk-through, refer back to, jump forward, etc. in order to give it a try would be great. Bottom line: I like this RAD, if they keep tweaking on this based on user's input it would make having to actually learn this RAD worthwhile. Don't expect to create an awesome, fully functional application overnight. This is a kin to learning a whole new programming language like Swift. Its deceptively easy. But teaching yourself on how to use this tool and implementing the available features will take a lot of dedicated time to learn I can definitely see. once you master this RAD, where you can save time building any type of application you can think of. Lastly, where I'm having a hard time with is shelling out $400 plus, for a single license that's limited to just one database. If they are looking for wider acceptance, they'll need to drop the price down to give us noncommercial developers to a chance to become proficient using it. And something that would mean something on my resume.

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