Send sms from the web. Full sms solution to send bulk sms to your contacts
  • Create contacts
  • Import contacts from excel
  • Create groups
  • Assign contact to several groups
  • Send single sms
  • Send bulk sms to group
  • History & Log
  • Easy configuration with Nexmo & Clickatel
  • Connect to any SMS gateway with minimal configuration
  • New! Send mass emails to your contacts!

To see a demo please use this link:
Use demo / demo to checkout this great app Please note that to send SMS you need to put your own gateway credentials. We strongly recommend to remove them when you finish testing

* Please note - you need iQDesk engine to run this script. iQDesk engine is free!

V 1.2.0
  • Option to send mass emails to contacts and groups
  • Option to send single email to any email address

V 1.1.0

  • New settings options to control the SSL peer verification process, and bind own CA bundle if needed.
  • List of groups design has changed now when you creating/updating contact. A search function has been added as well to search group in the list.
  • Fixed minor bugs with creating/updating contacts.

V 1.0.9

  • Added the setting option of HTTP Basic Auth, if the gateway requires it.
  • Added the setting option to choose the format of request between Request Paramaters or JSON,
V 1.0.8
  • Added setting to add delay between each SMS sending. Some SMS gateways limits the number of SMS per second, so this setting will help to respect this limit.
V 1.0.7
  • Added new function “Send Custom SMS”, which allows you to send the SMS for any number you wish, which is not connected to your persons list. V 1.0.6 See to how many users you are going to send the SMS See number of chars per SMS

V 1.0.5 Option to send SMS from the username of the user who logged in to the system

V 1.0.4 Added Twillo support

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  • - Easy to use - Useful - Obviously, what i'm searchin for long time. - Support ??? Don't even doubt. 24/7

  • Well, i bought this script for informing my clients about promos and special offers, but i used only mails sendings before. As we know, email is not the best one way to inform client, and SMS is more useful way. So, i secrhed for the long time some kind of software, which could me help to organize mass sendind SMS without any coding skills, what i could setup myself, and i found! It's awesome, now, i can manage my cleints by groups send SMS separately of each kind of clients and see report and history!!! Thta's best of i ever used before, for sure!!! But one thing, which i would like to change is the design, i would see it a bit more colored, but as i learned the software, there is a way to udpate it and i hope developers will take a course on redesigning it!

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