Website Grabber Ultimate


Script to download and convert Full Website with all contents under given link for offline browsing. Website Grabber Ultimate is a PHP script used to download and convert a Website with all content (including images, javascript, stylesheet, fonts, flash files, etc) under given link to your server for offline browsing.


Just enter the site url (ex:, site base url (optional, used to convert relative links into absolute links in content, ex:, the folder name (where you want to save files, ex: my_site) and then click Grab (you can also toggel, css processing and javascript processing)
done !! Enjoy !!!


  1. Intelligent CSS/Javascript Parsing
  2. Pure PHP/JS Progressbar
  3. Grab & Download as ZIP
  4. Recursive Downloading
  5. Works with almost any site
  6. Fast, Simple & Reliable

System Requirements

  1. PHP version 5.0 or greater
  2. Safe mode must be turned off
  3. PHP curl extension
  4. PHP zlib extension (optional)
  5. You must disable session.auto_start in php.ini
  6. File read & write permissions

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