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Create a forum in seconds with no programming or software! Avoid the headaches associated with forum software by using Website Toolbox forum hosting. You can easily integrate your forum to match your domain name, website layout, and login process. Get the features and customer support of a professionally hosted forum system.

Find out why companies around the world are choosing to use software as a service (SaaS) over traditional software. Visit Website Toolbox to create your own advanced forum in seconds...

Features include file and photo sharing, facebook-style live chat, appearance skinning, chat room, calendar, voting polls, content syndication, user groups, password protection, IP and email banning, HTML and profanity filters, post and registration approval, private messaging, custom profiles, member registration, and an advanced WYSIWYG editor.

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Feb 11, 2017 
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  • I love this service, right up until they make a major change without notification or the option to NOT make the change. In example, they modified the notification system..... It USED to only notify you when the thread you have subscribed to has had it's 1st new post. It NOW notifies you for EACH and EVERY post to that thread.... (yuck) User A is participating in 36 Threads User A is at work during the day ALL 36 threads get 5 updates each through the course of the day The OLD system would have sent 36 notices The NEW system sends 180 notices!!!!!! When I asked to put it back, they said, they made the change due to "many" customer requests. ALL they would have had to do is to add that as an option in the pull down, NOT a forced system wide change. We are now shopping for a replacement service.

  • I understand your thoughts regarding not being notified for further posts in a topic until you return to the topic. It's a good point. We changed that functionality to notify the user for every post because of a lot of feedback from many clients that users were missing further posts in a topic and were confused about having to return to the topic. (Especially since now days users use multiple devices to check their email, and not being logged into the forum on one of those devices resulted in them accidentally missing all future email notifications for the topic.) Also, soon we'll be adding the ability for users to reply to topics directly via email, so it makes it very useful to be able to see the conversation itself in an email thread if that user subscribed to it. Unfortunately, there's no way for us to enable this for some clients and disable it for others. We'll continue to monitor feedback regarding this and future changes and will always aim to build the most simple, easy, and user-friendly forum possible.

  • Signed up for trial period. It requested my credit card assuring me they will not use it. I made sure that small print didnt say they would start charging me unless I cancel. Well, they charged me despite.. Not a thing I wanted to keep track of (have more important stuff to keep track of) so didn't go back to it. When I complained they wouldnt refund me.

  • These people are awful. They don't even have many basic features like report and ignore, most of their software is closed off to any sort of upgrades. If you do ask for features then they keep making promises but never follow through on them. The worst is that I had tried to change my plan but accidentally selected the yearly plan instead of the monthly plan, so I went and cancelled, but instead of refunding my money they kept it for themselves in the form of 'website credit' for future use, even though I had skipped out on their crappy software for the infinitely better phpbb. STAY FAR AWAY!

  • It says "free," then once you go through the trouble of signing up, you're "reminded" that it will expire in 14 days & don't you want to pay now?

  • You can only have the software on their server and have no access to the source. What a rip. If you pay for software, you should have access to the source and be able to use your own server.

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