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  • The software is not php7 compatibel. And not responsive.

  • I believe you may not have accurate information. We have many clients using the calendar on PHP 7 and well as responsive websites.

  • I've been using this script on five different websites for five different clients. It is a no brainer! I haver have a problem. It is a solid performer and it has been around for years, constantly supported.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • While Easy PHP Calendar is very customisable in terms of the style of calendar (i.e. large, small, or sidebar suitable), I found it difficult to customise via the CSS - the process isn't straightforward. It's also almost impossible to customise the HTML as the code that generates the HTML for the calendar table is encrypted. EPC doesn't produce valid XHTML code, and there's no way to edit it yourself (the calendar also doesn't meet WAI accessibility guidelines, but then again, not many of them do). The ability to edit the HTML code has been promised in the next version of the software, but this has been promised since 2006 at least (and it's now 2010). Overall, I'd say if you're not bothered about validation, then EPC's probably ideal for you, but if you are, in its present form, it's not the one.

  • Easy to install, worked "out of the box" I recommend it highly

  • The calendar script is easy to setup/install and it has a nice interface. PA