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  • Pricing on this listing is NOT $79, its between $1500 and $3000 and the $1500 version only provides 1 month support and no new upgrades and features. From the demos, I see that they have one theme that is responsive and partially HTML5, but the other themes are old HTML and tables, which Google is now penalizing. UPDATE YOUR LISTING!

  • i didn't purchase, but i wanted to mention, the price HERE says 79$. the price on the website is 1500$ ... a bit of a discrepancy there. I was ready to purchase at 79. (Not that it isn't WORTH 1500, it's just not what i have in my budget)

  • I was referred to Smartscript Solutions by a friend who purchased their Domain Trader script about a year ago. I was a bit hesitant to purchase at first, given the high price tag of the script, but I finally bit the bullet and bought it 2 weeks ago. I bought Domain Trader to sell my portfolio of over 2000 aged domains. The script was definitely not easy to install, but I managed to do it after making a few changes to the server's settings. I do want to point out that the company offers installation for an additional fee of $100, but I chose to do it myself. Once installed, the script was easy to set up and load my domain portfolio into. The domain sales and auction functionality is very polished, and with the latest responsive theme that they released (which is what I am using), I feel that my site will be future proof. I can recommend Domain Trader if you are looking for a script to sell your domains. I am not using the parking functionality yet, but I plan to do that in the near future.