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  • This board was easy to install, easy to navigate and easy to setup forums. Does not have enough levels and worst of all was easily hacked. Once the hacking situation is cured, I would use for something simple because its really and easy going board but this hacking situation has to change.

  • This board is by far one of the best out there if you want a simple board with security. You get a lot of needed features and a flat database, no sql to deal with. This board is so simple you could possibly use on one site more then once if needed.

  • Installation, due to the lack of a SQL database, makes adding UPB to your hosting account a dream. However, no SQL database does not slow the board in operation. Yet the board also has all the options that you expect from any of the BIG message board scripts, database backups (export/inport, real easy), good registration security, many admin options, file attachments to posts, editable smilies & avatars, good BB codes, easily editable skin, etc... I would thoroughly recommend this board to all.

  • Ultimate power board is undoubtedly one of the best options if you want to run a forum/message board, but do not have or want to use SQL. It comes packed with many of the standard features of the other boards and has a very active support forum. These guys take pride in their work and support is top notch. TRY IT OUT.

  • UPB is the absolute best textdb based forum ever created! It is so easy to customize, hack and mess with, and the creators even condone hacking it! It it toms of fun to make it do exactly what you want, and it doesn't require SQL!!! I give UPB an extatic thumbs up!