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  • I have tried others that are similar, but do not compare to the ease of use in both the admin area and user area. Great program.

  • This is an excellent piece of software with a very good plugin system and customizable themes and templates where you can easily edit the code yourself. The only negative I think is the design. The image buttons need to be replaced with CSS buttons and the overall design need to be more up-to-date and mature in my opinion. That, a bit more AJAX-functionality and a switch to the jQuery library and it will be perfect!

  • Very easy to use. The only problem is that I've had a lot of spam users recently, but other than that, it's great. Several plugins to enhance your forums. To prevent spam on your forums, use the Security Question plugin and use questions that is based on what your site is about. You should also activate Akismet, which is a plugin to help prevent spam on your forums. And I recommend using the Stop Forum Spam plugin to prevent usernames on Stop Forum Spam . com from being registered. You can also use custom user titles that will change depending on how many posts you have (Well, just about any forum has those). Overall, the best free forum provider that is also my favorite. I highly recommend this software.

  • Simply excellent. Thank you for developing such an amazing script, with excellent plug-ins and themes. ¬°Saludos desde Argentina!

  • I have been using MyBB for years and thus there is still things I am missing this software is my favorite!

  • Exelent software. Im very pleased wwhit mybb

  • MyBB doesn't have the overused AJAX or other bells and whistles that many other forum software scripts do. And that's the beauty of it. It's simple, easy to customize, has an excellent support community, and version 1.8 will truly cause MyBB to give some of the paid alternatives a true run for their money. Some of the best features: Strong plugin system, with manual code edits being rare Easy-to-edit templates and styling Drag-and-drop permissions system

  • We have used MyBB for Installation guide on Rackspace Cloud Sites. We are satisfied after testing various paid and free PHP MySQL based Forum Softwares. Good effort.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • MyBB is can be modified... very easy

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I've been working with myBB since 2010 with forums, all of them. I wouldn't use any other. It's highly customizable, easy-to-use and has great advantages over other free and paid alternatives; plugins, support and flexible templates are just a few of those. This is one of the most excellent web scripts I know. I would certainly give it a 5.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • i love the site fast and good support and very impressive program

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • After using SMF and phpBB for a number of years for small forums I got tired of the difficulty I had updating and upgrading them. So, I started looking around again and ran across MyBB and decided to giver 'er a whirl. What a difference in the overall satisfaction. It was an easy install and any questions I had were quite rapidly answered by members of MyBB Forum and, unlike the other two forums, was not slammed my long time users for not being knowledgable about the inner workings of the forum. The updates and upgrades go smoothly, plugins are usually a very simple install and work like they are supposed. I highly recommend MyBB to anyone looking for a forum application that just works.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • So far the best in Open source forum boards, easy to install, customize using plugins, themes, very intuitive interface with powerful front and back ends. beats the rest out there.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Guys i wanna tell you Mybb is Excellent Cuz its free to create your Fourms and you can choose your own Style Thanks. i Hope you use it to Sign: Honda MyBB User Pawno User Samp Scripter,Mapper

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I had intended to use MyBB to replace an aging SMF2 forum, especially since development on SMF has ceased. In comparison to other forum scripts we deploy, the quality of plugins and themes for MyBB is variable at best. The intereface is also extremely cluttered and confusing, too "busy" in this age of more streamlined solutions. Performance is OK. The forum is a major target for spammers--for a low traffic board with very few active members, it is not right to have over 1,000 registrations per month. MyBB still has a long way to go before we can fully recommend it to clients.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I'm using MyBB as my website's forum from more then an year now and I'm loving it. I used to use MyBB for my PHP scripts and web developments. I recommend every one to use MyBB if they want to establish a top class website without losing a penny.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I have had nearly all forum software's to date. But mybb is for sure the best. I will never make the switch to another forum software. They have great support too!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • MyBB is a very good forum software, and is actively being developed. I started my website on March 18th, 2011 and had used 3 forum software so far but this one seems to be the best out of the 3 I've used. I like the idea of a plugin system. This means that some plugins will work across versions of MyBB whereas MODs will only work with one version. Plugins will also survive upgrades, whereas MODs have to be re-installed after upgrades.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • The MyBB group work hard and long to create this software, they do it for free, and quite often get nothing in return. not even a simple thank you! So i would like to say a very big thank you guys! :D your software is awesome, keep it up ;)

  • Use it on my sites, it's cool and replacement for vbulletin.

  • I run a lot of forums. I have one powered by vBulletin 3.7.X but I don't like it as much as I do MyBB, I pretty much regret buying it but MyBB is the best software I have ever seen. I never get spam like I have on other free scripts and the features are out of this world. It is also easy to help make themes and modifications from what I have soon. Go MyBB!

  • The title says what I have to say. MyBB is simply the best forum software ever. I am not kidding. I am including vBulletin, IPB, and other paid forum software. MyBB is simply the best. When MyBB 1.4 comes out this month, you will be absolutely amazed by the incredible convenience of the revamped Admin CP. You will love the AJAX. You will never want to switch to other forum software, because MyBB wins over all hands down. And it's 100 percent free.

  • Mybb is a the greatest free bulletin board script, and on its way to the greatest Bulletin Board Script in existents. With features that other free boards lack, a great community, and a fast developement Mybb will easily find it's way into the hearts of webmasters and their members.

  • If you are after a bulletin board for your website then mybb is for you. From my experience it is the easiest to use, the most feature rich and fastest of any free forum software and is not all that far behind VBB at all! It is also super secure and has a wide range of themes and mods available. I think that when MYBB 1.4 comes out it will leave vbb for dust! MYBB is the best!

  • It is not often that I am excited enough by a product to gush about it...I am here to gush about MyBB! Before I setup my forum, I auditioned over a dozen different PHP BB programs before I settled on MyBB. I am running it on a LAMP server. It installed like a dream. The admin control panel is not real pretty, but very straight and intuative. There are a nice selection of themes and plug-ins for just about any need. Waste your time with a few before you try MyBB, or start here and be happy!

  • Before, I was so excited to have had an operational copy of PhpBB running on my website. Then I discovered MyBB! It was easily skinnable, modified, and adjusted to my own needs. What I liked most, is that I didn't need to click 10 times to get somewhere! I had struck gold, a great frontend - for my users, and a great backend - for us admins (Which I easily learned to skin, much to my appeal!). MyBB's here to stay!

  • I run a network of forums and have recently started using MyBB with my forums. I already have 2 forums using MyBB and it offers the same features and security that IPB and vBulletin offer and its FREE! I plan to convert all of my forums to MyBB very soon. -Kruzzen

  • i used PHPBB3, IPBB , VB , SMF , mybb phpbb3> not user frindly because evrey mod you want to add it you need to edit your forum files. ipbb > you need to buy it. vb > you need to buy it also. smf > you will get many problems when you trying to add plugins because the plugins work onley with the default theme ! MYBB>> THE BEST FORUMS FOR EVER BECAUSE ITS FREE , YOU DONT NEED TO EDIT ANY FILES WHEN YOU GOING TO ADD PLUGINS , ALREADY HAVE SEO PLUGIN BUILT IN SO YOU DONT NEED TO BUY VBSEO!

  • After IPB changed to a non-free solution I went looking for an alternative. It took me a few attempts but eventually I found a solution which was not only a replacement, it was an upgrade! MyBB lets me do everything I need to do and best of all, it's free!

  • I've used all kinds of forum software. I started out with Invision Free, went on to Invision Power, I tried phpBB and I even tried vBulletin, which costs money. I tried them all for several weeks or months, but I noticed that when I wanted a forum to look decent, act decent and to be easily accessible by users that I always had to install various numbers of plugins, which can sometimes really be a pain in the ... when you have to update afterwards. MyBB has all these features by default! It rocks

  • MyBB is the best free forum you can get! I almost went with phpBB but someone talked me into trying myBB now I love it! I was using InvisionFree and I wanted to host the forum myself. MyBB is the closest you can get to IF and host it yourself (besides IPB software which costs) The support is awesome! Pros: Great Forum Awesome Support Cons: Not many skins out.

  • MyBB is an incredible Script with quality that you would expect from the latest versions of top paid forum scripts such as IPB. Very flexible and easily modifiable. Plug-ins are a breeze to install and can add new functionality to your board.

  • I have been using MyBB since its early beta's and since then it has matured greatly and right now I think MyBB actually has room to compete with commercial BB software such as IPB or vB because it's developers have put alot of time and effort into not only it's extensive feature set but security as well. All around probably the best free BB solution out there today.

  • i have MyBB on my site and it is awesome! the older versions had some minor problems but they gotten most things fixed. I would highly recommend using this over phpbb, vb, and ipb.

  • i have been using mybb for like almost 2 years and i must say is the best free script ever,phpbb is not even half as great as mybb, i recommend you to use it.

  • I've been using MyBB for a while now, and have really grown to love it. The extremely easy-to-use template and theme system is wonderful, as well as all of the features in it, and the constant updates from the developers. The support is great too - it doesn't take long at all for support from either the support team or anyone else. MyBB is comparible to charged BB softwares, but it is FREE! I am extremely glad I found MyBB, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own forum.

  • I still remember how I found MyBB. I was tired of InvisionFree and was looking for a new software. I learned about vBulletin but I couldn't afford it. On a thread on vBulletin forum, some guy mentioned MyBB so I took a look at it and loved it. I've used other softwares sometimes, but this is my favorite, and now with 1.0 out, it makes it way better. So now I ONLY use MyBB and IPB (sometimes), but MyBB is the best! Thanks MyBB!

  • Personally, I use MyBB for a small community that I run with some friends. We tried many others boards, but most were either paid or were missing proper support from the developers. Using MyBB, I always get help from the community as fast as possible and it's free to use. MyBB has many advanced features and the plugin system is great: add your own features to it without modifying core code!

  • The best forum software out there! Can't wait for the gold edition!

  • MyBB is one of the greatest forum softwares I think that is available. Comparable to other BB software available, myBB is available for free where others would charge for software with its reach feature sets. I highly suggest you use this forum software if you are looking to start a forum.

  • I was looking a forum software free and easy to use, since im not that php saavy, and i found it on mybb... This is a very powerful piece of programming that allows you to create your own community... with lots of options for both admins and users... is very easy to customize and to use... I recommend it... :)

  • I have used myBB for over a year now. It is the best BB system Ive seen and have never used anything else! The forum is a great place to get help, and the firendly members there are more than happy to help you. Its so easy to customise the board any way you like thanks to the theme and template systems in place. myBB is neat and tidy, easily accessable and free, but dont let it fool you. myBB is packed with tons of features to suit everyone, all easily usable. If it doesn't have a feature, request it and it might be added to the next version. If not, several excellent mod sites setup to help you with custom changes to your board are a great place to get things made! myBB's up and coming wiki is a great place to learn more about and get instant support for a range of different topics. What else is there to say? Well firstly, you should definatly try myBB. Its free, so why not eh! Next, you should register yourself an account on the forum. That way, you can get support 24/7 from users all around the world. And lastly, have fun. myBB can be used from anything in-between coperate forums to private or public forum. Even gaming forums!