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  • DISPUTE sent to PayPal - $ 65 for the license "u-Accions" PREMIUM I paid you $ 10 July 65 for the license "u-Accions" PREMIUM. I download the file: he was installed by my hoster in my field: But in the opening of the administration I find: lescript old is it, get the new version and hold does not. 'I currently 2 travil day to try and cezla is impossible. I provided you the username and password, asking you to do that entant creator of the script, the changes to the prduit works. I have not had a clear answer. I give vou a week to respond. If not I will ask the "RETURN" - Roger Mellet, Tuesday, July 12, 2016 1:20:09 p.m. Hello, I suggest you simply solve the problem by giving me the "premium" of u-auccions directly following domain: URL: Administrative URL: admin / login.php admin username: admin admin password: tmdtemp123 @ # You have in your hands all the ways to end this dispute!. Thank you send me an email that is done. - Roger Mellet, Wednesday, July 13, 2016 4:03:22 p.m.