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  • Over a years time we worked through many issues with Jon, at PHPprobid, in many attempts to get our site TwasitAuctions up and running.There were many instances the script failed to perform as presented by phpprobid. As an example: Allowing media footage. Most formats offered by Phoprobid did not work and in the end Jon, at phpprobid finally added the text that users should create a YouTube channel and upload footage from there, instead of directly uploading from their computer. This became a great hassle over the months of going back and forth with emails trying to get it figured out. In the end just giving in and asking potential subscribers to create and use a YouTube channel. This example is only one of so many issues. The final issue that prevented us after more than a year, to just kill the idea of this software was in the use of the Shopping Cart. As it is setup, it is possible that rival subscribers (selling similar items such as coins, or anything else) have the ability to close a competitors listings. Simply putting an item in the cart, click the (place order) button and the item listing is automatically closed. The "Buyer" or competitor has not yet paid for the item and does not complete the sale through PayPal; yet the listing is closed. The Seller who is unaware of what his competitor has done, does not realize the listing/listings are closed as PayPal did not receive payment and therefore no invoice is generated. Phpprobid said they did not intend to address this issue, and gave the explanation that it would interfere with those potentially selling houses or cars or boats who required extended amounts of time to finalize a deal. This is one reason why we say PHPprobid are not on the same level with higher ranking competitors; such items as homes, cars, boats that need financing, and as with homes which require scheduled closing dates should be listed in a separate module of the software so as not to interfere with the predominant sale of everyday goods. So at over a year of struggling through so many issues, turning off many other options, (more than we can currently recall) and often at the suggestion of Jon, we finally had to accept that this software was nothing we could confidently offer to potential subscribers. It was a difficult decision to make, having put in so much time (every day) for over a year, but knowing honestly the software was deeply flawed, how could we ask potential subscribers for their money where we ourselves do not trust the software. There were issues with store owners creating their own categories, media as mentioned above, the cart issue described (which also affects the ability to set up discounted shipping: If the cart is turned off as was suggested as a option by phpprobid, then you will not be able to provide discounted shipping as the major carriers require a shopping cart. So in the final end, as our display name is entitled here for this review-- TwasitAuctions is in permanent maintenance mode. Soon to be no more we will take the site down fully, when the domain name expires.