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  • Installed on WIMP setup with no problems. Have been using each version almost from original to current with very minor issues that were easily solved. Integrated with 3 disparate databases, now using Nuke a primary with no issue. Support has been very responsive. Community has been very responsive. I've bought $10K software packages for work with less support, so for $99 this is great.

  • First of all, the script is overpriced for what it does. There are far better and cheaper alternatives around like photoplog and many others. However, where photopost and all their other scripts suck big time, is with their support. All they are interested in is taking your money. If you do a search, specially in and, you will find that no one has anything good to say about this company.

  • Don't be mislead by what you read on their site because anything and everything negative will be deleted instantly so you will not have the opportunity to see any real testimonials, only what suits their needs.... I asked a question and made some observations about reviews posted here and elsewhere and they immediately deleted the threads.... That tells me to look elsewhere and I would recommend the same to anyone even thinking about purchasing anything from them....

  • We are using the product since last 2 years and are very impressed with same. Its a very good script with very easy installation. (ordering another licensce) works as a standalone product and very well integrates with most popular forum software scripts.

  • The coding is erratic. It seems that each release or patch is rushed with little or no testing. Not much attention is paid to details (for example, it's very easy to tell that it is a recoded version of their other software and vise versa). Minor coding elements that affect the software are often forgotten. Much of what is hardcoded should be in the templates, and vise versa. Support is're often left figuring stuff out on your own. At version 5.3, there's still no documentation.

  • I had many issues installing this and got next to no support from the support forums. Once it is running it is fine, but I really dread the next upgrade.

  • I have recently reviewed a lot of photo gallery software and photo has the most features and the best price. The price is priced much lower that it actually needs to be. I personal recommend it for any one want a professional photo gallery to share images.

  • Seems like an ok product, but never was really able to use it fully. Installed it on a Win2k3 box and had significant pathing issues. They want another $99 to help with installation, and would not refund my money when I asked. Told me via return email that their small print during the order process prohibited refunds (I really didn't read it) and that their product had no bugs and that it would operate properly if I installed it properly. Well... I guess I'll continue to struggle with it, as they are not getting another $99 from me. If you're into taking chances... with this one you're entirely on your own.

  • The New Photopost continues the rock solid great software we know and love and brings it to a new level.

  • Overall this is a pretty good script, solidly built and performs well. Yet, be warned they are just getting around to writing any documentation. They insist that the Support Boards are the best place to look but be prepared to get an argument from them just for asking simple, undocumented questions. The first rule of their Support is that the customer is an idiot. That's understandable for some Open Source software, but not when you've paid $ for this.

  • I have been a photo post user for over 2 years now and have followed the through a stream of upgrades and I can't say enought good things about the product. They are customer driven and great recommendation become great new features in their upgrades. keep up the great work!

  • I am a novice, but PhotoPhost Pro is an excellent program. I was able to install without problems and the integration with Invision Power Board was a plus for my users by eliminating one login. The upgrade installations were fairly easy with occasional request for support when I became stump. The support team has always responded in a professional manner, they never thought my problems where too little to either give advice or direct me to the area in the forums to find my answers. I like the program and give it 5 thumbs up. PhotoPost Pro is smooth running, clean look, easy surfing, and easy to manage Administration Control Panel.

  • I have the most uploaded photo's in one forum I post on frequently. I find photopost from a users perspective to be very easy to use and is a nice addition to most websites. I have used other photo management software myself on other sites I've created, but photopost is the best I've come across to date. Easy to use, easy to edit and upload. The comments and ratings work well. A great piece of software well worth your time and investment in my opinion!! :)

  • I have been using Photopost for more than a year now. At first I didn't like the software. However Scott and Michael managed to prove me wrong with subsequent versions of the program. Support started getting to the highest standards possible while the software releases were solving existing problems and introducing new functionality not found in any of the other competing applications out there. Photopost is the MUST HAVE for your community!! 10/10!!

  • I purchased photopost about a year ago when it was newly converted to PHP. Even then this software has done wonders for my website. It is very easy to use, has a familiar message board type interface, and the integration with existing forums is just perfect for anyone wanting to build a solid and active community. The other great thing about photopost is the prompt support and active development community constantly making changes. I will be ordering 49 more licenses for my next project

  • Overall the product works well, yes it doesn't have the ease of customisation that other gallery products do but thats set to change soon. The PhotoPost PRO has some excellent features and was easy to set-up, I did have a few problems but they were mainly down to my setup and explaining the issues to support. A happy 8/10 from me.

  • I'm not sure why anyone would say support is bad - my questions have been answered almost as fast as they were posted. I have seen some pretty rude customers posting, though. The 4.1 BETA has been very solid and the templates made the program very easy for me to customize to my photography website. 5 thumbs up. Will be buying ReviewPost very soon to add to my mix!

  • If your looking for a top notch gallery script look no further. You can not beat the integration with many of the popular Forum Boards out there. I have been running Photopost through 6 versions and I can tell you it has been getting better and better. The latest version places all HTML into templates which by far makes it easier to customize into your site design wise.

  • Photopost as a photo gallery solution was a "best choice" for our image management software. We capitalize on it's built in bandwidth savings, and image's that can be then linked into your threads and posts within a VB bulletin board. For technical reviews, and slide shows, it's tops! We also utilize the integrated membership and posting system that exists between VB and Photopost. Finally, the product is easy to install with good Instructions. Support forum is excellent.

  • Too bad the support doesn't exist... No wonder why the "support" forums are hidden: who would buy that product seeing all the complaints? Many questions are not answered. The script is good but there are many bugs to fix by yourself so if you are new to php/mysql, it would be wise to find another product with better support.

  • Some of our support forums are accessible only by our customers for the sole reason of preventing software pirates from obtaining support. PhotoPost is in use in over 2,000 websites and there are no "bugs to fix by yourself". Perhaps you were using a beta version, or you might have asked us how to perform a complex customization, to which we referred you to a PHP code edit. PhotoPost has hundreds of features that can be easily configured in the admin panel, but custom features or capabilities require code changes, as in any script. We also employ 5 developers to provide technical support via email and our forums, and strive to provide responses within a few hours, and always within 1 business day.

  • Excellent Script! This script requires a basic understanding of PHP and HTML. Customization can be tricky, but the support staff and users can help you. After installation, the script has run perfectly! Their forum is well monitored and help is available. I highly recommend this product!

  • The application is very good and it dos what it must do but to bad it also has some irritating downside items. -Cannot remove the copyright unless $500 is paid. -U do not have flexibility in the design like other programs do. Read very well the agreements before buying the program self is excelent fast and programed verry nice. not strong for novice users.

  • I bought this program and have had one heck of a time with support. I would say that if I had seen the support forums PRIOR to buying this product (you can't see them til you pay), I would have been able to see what kind of exchanges go on there. Great application coupled with frustrated, passive aggressive developers who can't understand why anyone would do it differently than they designed it...when you have a problem, the usual answer is "just don't change that and it won't be broken anymore..." I had a conflict in my database and was told to simply delete the OTHER APPLICATION that was causing the conflict...I never go out of my way to write about products but consumer beware...especially if you aren't technical and just want to put pictures up of your dog... For the money? Better off with a free application like 4Images...I mean, if you aren't getting at least support for your money, what's left?

  • omg, photopost supports sucks as hell! it's like they don't even care once you fork over the money. for example if you ask support staff for direction from point A to point B they will give you half of a full answer. i once ask photopost support on how to increase the refresh rate for sideshows, they replied "edit slideshow.php". well duh! if i was a php guru i wouldn't ask the question in the first place. well anyways the summary... photopost is good, but if your looking for the best software in this category i suggest albinator take a look at albinator features in comparison with photopost. I wish I took time to shop around i would prefer albinator mainly cause of it's many features. photopost is a little behind on the development phase.

  • Photopost is a great piece of software. If you're going to spend money on a photo gallery type of software, this is where to put your cash. The planning that went into this software shows that these guys had everyone in mind. I presently use VBulletin software for my forums, and Photopost takes full advantage of the Vbulletin MySQL database. I don't have to log into 2 different pieces of software... I log in once, and that's it, I'm in. Thumbnails... (Most recent, Most popular, Newest)... Click on it, and up comes an enlarged photo with complete details about the photo, the poster, the rating each poster gave, file size, dimentions... you name it, it's there. Did I mention that you can post comments about each photo too. You can enable Photopost so users can have their very own gallery's too! Categories... No problem... Change the colors, upload bulk, send e-card, admin can move photo's between categories with very little effort. Remember I mentioned, Most Recent, Pop, and Newest... I forgot to mention that you can have as many of each as you designate. This software is just too damned configurable! Did I mention ability to upload video? Well, there you have it, you can upload video too! With this software, you get what you pay for plus some. The only gripe I've personally had (and I'm only speaking for myself) is the support. My opinion about the support is that it could be quicker. If you'de like to see photopost in action, visit my site. Look how I took advantage of it by placing photo's from the photopost database right on my main page! It's awesome software, and for this I give it an Excellent rating.

  • First of all, let me say that I love Photopost! Before install, make SURE you know: * The server path to ImageMagick / GD 2 * The server path to Unzip (if it is installed by sysadmin) * The server path to wherever you put the uploads folder * That you did configure the necessary PHP files correctly! * Upload a phpinfo.php file to your server to check the paths When configuring the PHP files before uploading, I choosed "PP forums are offline", thinking of PP as a bulletin board, for some reason. That caused me many hours of problems because the gallery gave me a boards offline message all the time. About the ZIP upload path: I forgot an important part in the server path and it caused me to almost throw my computer out the window after days without solving the problem. Someone on the official boards mentioned the path and I checked it. Opss! <:-) They should and could enhance the Admin part a bit. Maintaining the PP board already is an easy task, but sometimes mysterious errors appear. Itīs hard to point out something specific, but I just donīt like it too much as it is now. It doesnīt need a big change, though, only minor updates. The Admin options page should expand a bit, many things you have to edit in files could as well be done on the Admin options page. When you change some settings, the browser will not autoreload to reflect the changes. Not a big deal, but it would be great if they did something about it. Now I have to manually reload to see that new category or something else. My general opinion: I was registred with a webhost company to use a image gallery, then found PP. Photopost requires PHP safe mode to be off, Imagemagick installed and more, and not all webhosts have this. Be sure to check the reqīs and ask your sysadmin if you are unsure. Preferably ask before joining a webhost. I quit and went to another hosting company and have had nothing but great experience with them so far ( The Photopost gallery is up and running, and only minor details like colour are not done yet. It all works very well, I have only used it as a stand-alone gallery (no forum), and it works great. A big thumbs up and congrats for making such a professional gallery for so little money! Believe me, their competitors at this level are A LOT more expensive! Highy recommended despite all problems I had in the beginning.

  • I have seen alot of Gallery Scripts from free to download versions to the $700 dollar versions, none of them can compete with Photopost and that for $119. It's so user friendly and very professional that I have the right software for my community where my members don't accept less. My community is a gaming community and daily I have to add tons of images to my Gallery with screenshots and other media art of the latest games around. My members are so happy for the fact that I offer them Photopost where not only me can upload to the Gallery but also the members and can have their own Albums. Come take a look at my Photopost in action at : Goto and enter their forums if you have any questions. My thumbs up to the creators of Photopost, Micheal P and Scott W. 10 out of 10.