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  • Looked all over for a good Content Management on my standard templates especially with Word C&P. This Program is perfect! David

  • Finally someone did it and did it very well. This is the absolute way of editing .html pages, easy to install and edit pages, buy PRO for more options, it is worth every penny you spend.

  • SnippetMaster is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be able to edit parts of a web site simply and easily, without having to configure a complex CMS package. This package is so easy to use that pretty much anyone should be editing their pages via a web browser within a couple of hours. This software is excellent.

  • I had been looking for a good content management system for a while, till I trialed Snippetmaster. This is a great bit of software for web designers who want to offer their clients a method of creating and editing webpage content with ease. Installation and use is very easy to achieve with a useful support forum, allowing the designer to quickly implement the software. Excellent, I recommend a trial.

  • SnippetMaster provides a simple-to-install and configure web-site content management system that offers exactly the kind of limited functionality most of us web designers want to give our clients. With a minimum of fuss, you can have SnippetMaster up and running and give your technologically challenged clients the ability to contribute text and images to their own pages without them destroying all the hard work you've put into a coherent design. You can decide how much or how little functionality you want to give them by commenting out a few lines of code, which is an enormous advantage to most CMS-es on the market. No more two a.m. "can you just drop everything and change two words on the home page" calls. They can do it themselves, and you can get some sleep. As I wrote to the developer: can't tell you how many CMS systems I've looked at over the past six weeks for my clients. Yours is by far the best. Too many of the others provide way too much functionality. Anybody who needs a CMS likely needs very limited functionality or they'll get confused, start clicking things they don't understand, and mess a well-designed page up. I know you know this, but it's curious how many other CMS designers really don't get it. I've been building sites for almost ten years, and I'm mildly intimidated by some of these CMS interfaces and know my clients would throw their hands up. They just want to be able to update text. Maybe throw an image on a page if they're feeling frisky. Great job.

  • A really great script very easy to install and to upgrade from the lite version. I believe one can use includes to have multiple snippets in a page (as per previous review) so is it perfect now? It will be when the next release has the promised mac compatability. Very useful (active) forum and quick responses from snippetmaster each time I wrote to them. I definately recomend it.

  • Satori Productions inc. has been looking for quite a while for such an easy to use, web update tool. Finally, I can provide my customers with an easy way to update themselves their websites without the need for a database and what's even more important, by modifying directly the HTML file on the server. As most search engines don't look for separate *.txt files when doing a search, it is very important for scores to do it this way. Snippet Master does it beautifully! Definitely recommended

  • This really is a surprisingly cool tool for webmasters who want to delegate control to their clients for editing sections of their own website. It is a very flexible yet simple application and very easy to include in an existing webpage. I recommend trying out snippetmaster and I use it with many of my current clients.

  • This is "almost" exactly what I'm looking for. I want my client to be able to change small simple little things like the events calendar without having to contact me. This particular client (and probably most) can barely turn on their computers let alone figure out some of the more sophisticated content managers. The reason I say "almost"? You're only allowed one "snippet" section per page. While this doesn't make it unusable, I think it would be much more valuable if it allowed multiple snippets per page.