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  • Hello, I am the owner of NJP Business services and I am now proud to announce that all of my advertising is run entirely on scripts provided by PHPWebScripts and the for runner of my network is the Linkup Gold which is absolutely packed with functionality and can be converted into any business that your heart could desire. Many years have past since I first came to hotscripts after trying out many other vendors and I tried many different scripts but never found exactly what I was looking for before I tried out the Linkup Gold and from that day onwards I never looked back and in fact I was recently doing some updates for my networks and it reminded me just how many years that I have been getting the best support that can be found anywhere on the Internet and it compelled me to come here and write this review. It has been so long since I found Linkup Gold that I had forgotten how bad some of my previous support had been and I feel quite honestly spoilt by the magnificent support that I get from Richard at PHPWebScripts, nothing is ever too much trouble and I get everything that I ask for at all times, and what is more he is very prompt and sometimes he has acted within minutes on a request . I have to tell you that support in this game is everything and support like PHPWebScripts is like gold dust and if you are here reading this then you are considering buying the script, let me give you a big heads up and tell you that you can not do any better than this anywhere and there is no doubt in my mind that this package is totally unbeatable hands down, and that is hand on heart as an independent business owner, if you really want success then this is for you. Nigel J Pearcey NJP Business services

  • Link up Gold is top notch script and I am very satisfied with support provided. All extras I requested, they made them happen.

  • I purchased the script and installed it, but support was extremely helpful and they were there every step of the way, plus they added all the extras I asked them for. I would purchase again from these guys anytime. My sincere recommendations. Great script , flawless and team behind are top professionals.

  • Link Up Gold stands by their product and in my opinion has an extremely incredible customer support system. I have been in this business since the 90's and No one out there can beat Link Up Gold Customer Support.

  • I'm amazed by the features that Link Up Gold has. I created a portal in a few hours with the VERY powerful tools of importing links from Google and DMOZ, searching for keywords etc. I also uploaded HUNDREDS of products with a few clicks by using the powerful importing tool. Fantastic SEO and superlative SUPPORT. Worth the price, more powerful than other scripts: guaranteed.

  • Firstly the support is first class and unless youíre looking for major changes is free. The most impressive options are putting video and news feeds on auto pilot specifically to suit your needs for any niche. Effectively the site creates itself once you have set up what you want to see by pulling in content based on your keywords. There is a learning curve and itís not for newbie web users but if you want a great seo friendly site this is a must have script.

  • I had purchased 3 licenses so far and all 3 sites are running smoothly, largely thanks to script owner's most helpful after sale support. The script is very good and flexible and I had tried many scripts. But the support which a lot of other companies lack, link up gold wins by a very big margin. Those who purchased ready made scripts before will know how important this is. Thanks again for Great Script and support. Ben

  • Customizable, and you can fit it to your template... Great Support!, the best thing i ever did was to go with Link Up Gold (LUG), don't let my wife know i said that... LOL... They thought of everything, and when i needed a little tweaking, they assisted me all the way.. Perfect! A! in my book... and the best part it was taylored to my needs....

  • Hi I have brought tens of software programmes off the net for my sites and can honestly say getting this software was one of the better experiences I have had acquiring new software. Richard provided the best service I have come across, was prepared to answer and often personally fix all my dumb questions and get the programme working to my needs, usually within a very short timeframe and usually within 24 hrs, a rarity in my experience these days!! The programme is versitile and modifiable.

  • If you need a link management program, look no further. This program is great. The learning curve is a bit steep but it's worth the effort. The installation was a breeze and support is only an email away. If you have a problem, email the author of LUG and Richard will respond to you within 24 hours, most of the time within just a few hours. I have added several custom changes to the program to suit my needs and Richard took care of all my requests. PHPWEBSCRIPTS.COM also has an excellent online

  • I have owned my own site since 1996. I am amazed at how much I have forgotten and looking back at old script I did, I know I created it but I canít remember how. My time has become so limited that I am focus on other areas of my life and I just donít have time to mess around building things from scratch anymore. I just want to buy it and for it to workÖ and to have great support behind it. LUG was a dream come true. 'dam had a long review and won't fit.' SHORT OF IT. No REGREATS! get it

  • This software was cheaper than the previous product I got stranded with, had more features and their support was PHENOMENAL. It was up and running in no time, and I configured the software to give me just what I wanted. Any questions I had were answered so quickly, it was like they were sitting right next to me. As a corporate trainer of "Customer Service" classes, I can honestly say PHP Web Scripts and their support staff pass with an A+. Dave Jackson

  • I've tried all the best scripts of its category, including the most expensive ones: my opinion is that this is the most customizable, need very low server resources, features available in this script are always up-to-date with the most recent needs for both the surfers and the webmasters. The price is very low, delivery time was very fast, the support is simply perfect, they always answered my questions by email within no more than 45 mins. I'm absolutely delighted by this script and the other ones (i bought the complete package of scripts for 295$) for my italian adult directory. Same high satisfaction for all the scripts in the package. Keep up the good work guys! Wish u all the best!

  • Link Up Gold is a top-notch web directory script with full directory search capabilities. Not only do you receive an excellent searchable categorized link directory, but a fully searchable categorized article directory too. Using both link and article directory systems in conjunction with one another provides a powerful system for attracting excellent search engine traffic. The service provided by phpwebscripts is second to none. Since I purchased the script, I have had many modifications done free of charge; all updates have been completed within 24 to 48 hours. When further programming has been required to perform new functions, pricing has always been very reasonable. The entire directory is template based in HTML, which makes for easy design and modification. This feature packed directory script is all controlled through a very comprehensive Administrator user interface where there are many options and settings giving you full control over functionality, look and feel - making modifications is a synch. My directory is so successful that I receive thousands of visitors per month and am able to earn a good income off of it thanks to the powerful advertising system built into Link Up Gold. When purchasing Link Up Gold youíre not only buying a quality directory script, but peace of mind knowing that you have full support from phpwebscripts to help with questions, updates, and new functionality when required. Therefore the directory can be adapted to suit your individual needs. I give this script two thumbs up for functionality, value for money and service provided by the technical support team.

  • Looked into this one andit looks to have some pretty good features on the whole, but then I found out it can't even cross-link directories (as in 'example@' directories you see on all the professional directory engines), so it can't be all that cool.

  • There is the option to have cross-link directories. We call it "aliases".

  • The Linkup gold is a top script. Its very functional, has lots of really good features. Richard is outstanding and service was second to none.

  • After looking at many classified scripts I chose Link Up Gold. The software works far better than expected, is so easy to customize, and Richard gives really superb support. A real bargain.

  • very easy to install, very easy to set up and configure and very easy to amend the templates provided for every possibility. Support from the owner is first class viahis forum or email. Has loads of facilities that you may never use - message board, sponsors, polls, ad management - just use the ones you want and ignore the rest - or remove from the templates. One of the easiest scripts to understand - even if you don't bother with the manual which actually explains it all quite well.

  • This script is a very powerful and complete solution for those who whants to make a portal like professional directory on the web. I tested every script on the 'Link Indexing' category of, but this one is the BEST OF ALL!