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  • Cute, I was just surprised it was so easy to use it is simple and good. Its only take three minutes to do. But little expensive

  • it seems a lot of features don't work and their documentation really sucks. the search function don't work at all and there is next to no information on how to get it to work even if you ask in the forum. a lot of the code shoved in to the templates and php could have easily been done in css to save on all that messy coding. if they cleaned up the code, gor everything working and sorted out the documentation so everyone could understand it easily then it would be worth what they are asking, it is a very good script in general but still needs a lot of work before asking button moon prices.

  • Been using Cute News for at least 10 years. Except for several times a day (URL unavailable or TIMED OUT), during the middle of updates or reviews, the new version is great.

  • Since being taken over by new 'owners' this script has been turned into a useless piece of junk. The latest version (2) is even worse and completely hopeless as a production too. I had been using the script over a decade so I know.

  • Cutenews was the first News Publishing Tooll I used on my very first site; I'm still using it for one of my sites, for several reasons. 1) IT'S FREE (license is optional); 2) NO MySQL DATABASE REQUIRED; 3) IT'S LIGHTWEIGHT; 4)IT'S SUPER-EASY. For all those, I recommend this script to all webmasters who are about to open their first site.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • the title says it all

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Older version is free but has security issues. Newer version is more secure (and with public comment features and search removed, more so) but it costs too much. If it was USD10 I'd buy 20 licenses. At USD40 - forget it. So dear author, your choice. Do you want USD200 or zero?

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Needless to say, CuteNews has had a lot of flaws, some of which still aren't fixed in 1.4.6. While it is a very user-friendly script, it represents a big security risk for users. Therefore, a CuteNews spin-off called UTF-8 CuteNews has been made: It is essentially like the familiar CuteNews 1.4.6 version, except that it is more stable - less bugs, more security. For more information, see .

  • This script really is great, have all what you need to manage site with news, but script have big open holes, security is 0, my site with 1.4.6 stable last version is every day hacked!

  • Cutenews is a terrible script with multiple security holes, using it opens a server up to a wide range of cross site scripting attacks and code injection vulns. Cutenews should be banned from servers worldwide.

  • Without trying to hijack this review page, i have to have my say to Milan tomin, Cutenews IS SEO friendly and if integrated correctly all bots have the ability to crawl your pages content for inclusion in SERP`s Believe me I am of the "Cutenews is by far and away the best there is of it`s kind" and i will continue to sing its praises. I have used the functionality of this system and developed it to suit my clients needs with 100% satisfaction, download and try and before long you will buy it!!

  • Cute news is funtastic script, very easy to manage, but luck of the script is the fact that is not search engine friendly. All datas is stored in .txt file and SE can not crawl your page where is cute news included. There is some changes that might be made, but still not 100% enough. Maybe some new versions will be, and than I`ll be more than happy to use it.

  • Just a fantastic little script! ***** Ideal for anyone i have used this on all clients sites and will be hopefully soon buying a lisense for it to show my support!

  • This script is badly coded. they know what they're doing is creating holes but they say 'Oh Well'. Acunetix currently finds 15 vulnerabilites in any website running Cute News. When asked on their forums what they're going to do (because another security scanner showed 12 vulnerabilites) their response was that it's 'not that big of a deal, most people only use this on a personal page'. Let me say this. I own a hosting company and I'm disallowing it from all servers immediately.

  • This has to be one the most simple scripts to install. Everything is thought about, and it's design is so user friends it puts every other news script to shame. Highly reccomended!! (In the news section) is where it is on my site.

  • Script is really nice, still there is something I want to know. Is it possible to make CuteNews open fullstories and comments in popup or just in new pages? For me, it's inconvenient to browse through news and comments from my index page. That's the worst problem I met so far, though. Good job.

  • Using this script and integrating it into your own website is just painfully easy. I was just driven crazy by how easy installation was. And I had 0 problems other than my own user errors. It's just so perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything better really. Flat file system, avatars, fully-customizable smilies? It's all there and extremely easy to use. Really, I can't say enough. Best thing about it, it's free and SO advanced too! Thanks!

  • I've been looking around for a news script like this for some time now. Most that I have found lack a decent integration method, and this script is great for that, there are so many ways you can integrate and syndicate it. There are also loads of great mods on their site, including a pagination one which is ideal for articles. It's a great free script,if you want to remove the copyright (and support the program) you can register it for a small fee. It cost me about 25, which is well worth it.

  • Just a reply to Stardogs post ("1.4.0 is the worst version yet. No longer free."), it IS free, and because it is free, the creators of this script have the right to add a 'Powered by CuteNews' link at the bottom. It's as if you used their system, and you want to take credit for the script. That's disgusting. If you don't like the ads, buy the license, or don't use it at all. There is no script, of its kind, better than CuteNews, and personally, I'd like to see you do better. Have a nice day.. :)

  • If you wish to use any version from 1.4.0+, there is a FORCED ADVERTISMENT at the bottom of your news. What's more is that nothing is mentioned on the website about this, you won't realise until it's too late. You cannot remove this unless you pay an INORDINATE sum of around 34 euros ($45, 26). This small script is not worth anything near that amount. I urge you to find a better script, or download a version earlier than 1.4.0 that doesn't have the advertisment.

  • v1.4.* has the copyright notice included into it (not advertisement) "Powered by CuteNews"

  • CuteNews is small and simple, but yet powerful news managing system. It operates well without having to have MySQL database. So, if you are searching for a good news system and don't have MySQL database, use CuteNews!

  • Well I have installed it over 15 times at my site and sites i host. It is the #1 most useful thing i have ever seen.

  • This is the BEST news tool around. I have had absolutely no problems with it. It's simple, doesn't require a MySQL database and is VERY easy to customize!!!

  • Very flexible and easy to install. super easy to integrate to existing site. The best option for a free news script

  • This sistem is the best and easiest. after chmod you just do the set up (in about 1 min) and after set up you are ready to post news. Integration code is exc for using it on your existing site and design. Also Adm interface is very user friendly. The news templates are also very easy to customize After doing research for the best-low cost system I found it. And the code is free. Makes you wanna donate a little something, it is trully a powerful system.

  • Nice solution 2 ppl who needs many news-blogs on one page whith a different design for each of it. Good for small infoportal. No problems whith non-latin charsets. Thanks 4 the author!

  • I have used over 40 news editing programs in php and cgi, both flat-file and MySQL but none compare to the flexibility and the resourcefulness of cutenews. You can easily make and amend templates, edit and add news through a simple admin area, you can add new users with 4 different types of duties PLUS if you check on the cutenews website you can get some script hacks to let users register themselves, receive lost passwords, statistics and MORE! Highly recommended for the first-time poster.

  • This is the news publishing script I have been searching for. It's dumbfoundingly easy to install and has an easily customizable template system. I love it!

  • Suitable for both Windows and 'nix servers. Easily adaptable as classifieds, news, image gallery or file directory. Easy to customize for your own use as needed. Uses a text file database, so no mysql needed!

  • A great no BS script that gets the job done, just set it up in a minute, add the php code to your page, and you're done. I was using Movabletype for a while but I wanted something lighter, and this is it! I won't have to customize anything since I can show it on my site with just a bit of code provided in the README. Perfect!

  • Cute News offered everything that our site was looking for in a content management system. The multiple users/password protected accounts meant people could now add their news to our site without me having to tediously create new pages. The categories feature also allowed a seamless integration to our site. Overall, Cute News has given our site the professional facelift it needed, and I'm glad to have stumbled across it!

  • If you have not MYSQL, it's fantastic, easy to install and nice graphics.

  • Cute, simple-to-use, massively flexible, and flat-filed so us REAL people can use it. ;O) The new version has categories! So customizable, that I can use it as a stand-alone blog AND as a headline feed to my bigger, non-PHP site, using only headlines from the category I select (which effectively blocks out the off-topic stuff) Bend it to your will! The CuteNews home site includes extras and a busy forum so that getting advice, hacks, and tips is a breeze, even for us technically-challenged folk.

  • Compared to a lot of news scripts, this is the best. It doesn't require much space, and the setup takes max 5 minutes. I had mine shown on my site max 15 minutes from when I downloaded it.

  • CuteNews is the bets news script that i have found yet. The best thing about it, is that it doesnt require a MySQL database, and is easy to install (unlike some other news scripts). And when i had a problem, it was solved very quickly on their forums. I will continue using this script forever. :-D

  • I am glad that people bother to develop news publishers for windows 9x.:) I would recommend this to anyone, and installation was swift! Just put in Admin name, password, email, and some other stuff and it does it all for you! :)

  • I was surpriset with the easy installation this script has. Took me about 2-3 minutes to set it up on my server and to be ready to write news. I just love it because it is using flat files and i don't have MySQL on my host so CuteNews is perfect for my needs I recommend it to everyone with small and big website who want to have a good news managing system. I give this script a excellent rating and it deserve it.

  • I just looked for a guestbook as a comment system, this is just what I need, great script!