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  • Apache2triad is a complete package containing apache, php, mysql & more - for someone like me who has no idea about servers and the configuration i thought this would be the answer. I was very disappointed. If your planning on giving this a do don't expect to much help at their support forum it look someone 2 months to answer my question lol by that time i had figured it out. After about 3 months of using it i started getting apache crash notices on win XP not sure what thats about.

  • It works 'out of the box'. If you have ever set up name based domains, you will love this package. perl and mysql work instantly. That is the end of the nubey easy stuff though. I definitely have nothing bad to say about the package. I just have to add that I wish someone who knows what they are doing would make some walkthrus. I know what pop3/smtp is, but it would be great if I had a guide that started with pointing the mx record... postgres won't work if you have admin priv. etc

  • Apache2Triad is all I need. Before this I had wasted my time with PHPTriad, Foxserve and XAMPP. After reading the great Reviews here I tried Apache2Triad; Thank you guys and Thanks Vlad Alexa Mancini. You are Genius.

  • Installs easily and works great. After trying to install server and components separatly an configure them all to work together, this is a breeze. I wish I had found it sooner.

  • I have tried alot of the other HTTP webserver packages and none can compare to A2T. It awesome!!! Keep up the good work.... Thanks for make life easy.!!!!

  • I have used many servers in my day, and this setup is by far the best i have ever used, it is yet soo simple to install, yet so advanced, it has everything you ever will need in a windows server, nothing compares to it, not even the paid web servers, i also like that they keep it up-to-date, so you dont have to, just back-up ur data, and reinstall apache2triad, i am giving apache2triad a 5 out of 5!

  • In the past 6 months I have taught myself Apache, PHP, and MySQL. I stumbled upon Apache2Triad and use it for my development of personal WebApplications. This Packages is AMAZING! I have searched around for other options and there is NOTHING that compares to this!! It is user friendly, visualy stimulating, time saving, and diverse in it's useability. Because of Apache2Triad and it's simplicity, I had no problems to consistenly fix, which allowed me to dedicate my time on developing! I have set up 3 different personal servers on all my friends computers and taught them how to run their own website. We all love it. Keep up the Great Work!!

  • The new version of Apache2Triad works WONDERFULLY! I have this working on Windows XP with no problems. NOTE: This may apply to all versions of Windows but definitely applies to Windows XP. AFTER YOU INSTALL THE PACKAGE, YOU MUST REBOOT IN ORDER FOR THE CHANGES TO TAKE EFFECT. Otherwise, you will start seeing some strange results (ESPECIALLY with the Apache Monitor). Other than that one note, this works perfectly and has EVERYTHING I need to do my work. :-)

  • IMPORTANT: The installation script apache2triadsetup.bat overwrites my.ini, php.ini and odbc.ini that are in c:\winnt folder. You will loose any info if you have any in any of these files. Especially, it's quite likely that the ODBC.ini on your PC has already some stuff in it. Remove from the install. script the '/y' option of the 'move' commands for ini files. Then, you will be warned before overwriting the file! Merge the ini file manually if there is one in your winnt folder already! Other than this problem, see below! I installed successfully all the package. Seems all fine. Just don't change the installation root directory (there is a message - read carefully). Then, run c:\apache2\apache2triadsetup.bat, reboot and then read c:\apache2\htdocs\index.html. From there, you can fly easily. These instructions would be good to see somewhere more visible. I had to look around to figure them out. Good Job! Actually, this package doesn't have problem that I had with FoxServ.

  • Apache2Triad is the most user friendly Apache software bundle that there is today. It is a complete software package as it comes with all the most recent and up to date applications to run a web server. Apache 2.0.47 with PHP 4.3.2 along with MySQL 4.0.13 is just one of the reasons that I decided to install this. Perl, Tcl, Python, AWStats and Zmail along with SlimFTPd and UebiMiau just make this the most complete and stable package to date. The installation was fast and easy, with no problems.

  • This is great! Everything you need - AND he had security in mind. You can also check for updates! But there's almost no documentation. So if you don't know what you're doing and are hoping that you can install it & be done with it (like FoxServ), you'll be disappointed. You still need some knowledge about how to configure it all - or ask a friend who's willing to install it & walk you through it.

  • Download, install, run! It's just that easy. After installation I have been able to customize to my heart's content. Thanks!

  • Fantastic package! I installed it, and the recent update file xp - very smooth indeed. With the recent update password access is set on c:\apache2\htdocs\index.html, so make sure you set yourself up with appropriate access... Download it and be happy!

  • This piece of software is by far the best all-in-one for Windows I have seen. I have used several all-in-one packages, some good, some bad. But this one is the ultimate - he has thought of everything you could need, and all components are the latest releases. Thank you so much for this package, you deserve a medal! If you want to run your own Windows web server, GET THIS PACKAGE!!!