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  • This is fantastic. Very userfriendly, and easy to set up. Very easy to navigate. Nothing useless here :)

  • I got PunBB working in a couple of hours. The documentation is very well written. Integrating it into the Lemonrock site was straightforward, thanks to an easy-to-understand template system. What really impressed me about this forum software was how clearly everything was explained. The code is solid XHTML, which I have tested and run in Firefox and MSIE. If you know a little PHP and can create a MySQL database on your server, you can use PunBB. A 'topic split' feature is all I am missing!

  • punBB is simple and unique. punBB is simply the best

  • PunBB is I can say the most adaptive, the fastest, the most usable and tweakable forum there is on the net... speed, adaptability, powerful, easy to understand and simple... everything a webmaster would ever want to offer their clients, and everything a client would want on their site... 10,000 thumbs up!!!!! GO GO GO PunBB!!!!

  • After being with SMF for 5 months they had an upgrade that they dais was simple, but messed up three boards I ran with SMF; they would not give me any sound help or advise on the support pages--I was not the only one, so I switched. I was looking for something simple, easy, and slim. All those mods are cool, but no one really used them--the whole point of a forum is the information, not what it looks like, course that is a factor, but too much fluff takes away from the whole reason for a forum.

  • Was looking for a fast, simple and not to advanced forum. Tried and punBB and found that it is all this AND very tweakable with a dedicated community all chipping in with useable mods. Very easy to adapt and integrate it to your it!

  • If it's a speedy quick, no frills message board you're after, PunBB will do the trick. It looks great, it's lightning fast & it functions brilliantly. Don't expect loads of features, it's not what the developer is aiming for. The idea is to keep it light, but powerful. I think it wins on both counts. Top marks!

  • I haven't seen such a board for a long time. it's faster than ipb or vB,more powerful than minibb or phorum. I love it.