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  • I've used TextPad for years. It's always been so versatile from ability to show line numbers all the way to complex regular expression search and replace. While browsing HotScripts today I realized I was still on TextPad version 2.21 from 1996! I updated to version 7.5 today and all I can say is WTF! They've gone above and beyond creating, by far, the best available text editor. Great job guys!

  • Really, I love this program. I work for BTopenworld, specifically I create and These are written in TCL, Vignette and Oracle SQL, and all of this is done using Textpad. I also still maintain my personal sites, which i write in Perl, PHP, MySQL SQL, those too using Textpad. The colour-coding and syntax highlighting is excellent. The regular expressions dreamy, the intuitive GUI wonderful. I can't rate this program high enough!!! I use this program 95% of the time I'm at work, the other 5% is spent attending e-mail! Buy it, it's worth every penny. David Kitchen