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  • I tried 2 other scripts to make a gallery site for myself and friends and to be totally honest, they both scared me off. Being a complete noob to any kind of web design, hosting, and scripts in general they were just impossible for me to customize to where I really felt like my site was indeed "my site". Then I found Coppermine. Much to my delight I was not only able to get this setup myself but really feel comfortable tweaking and modding it with the many plugins and settings. After only a week I have even contributed some of my own little bits to the community. The docs and instructions are excellent and the forums are a treasure trove of information. Any question on the support forums seem to be answered in less than 12 hrs. And trust me I made more than one... I have to admit I'm abit proud I was able to get my site up and customized so quick. If your looking for a photo gallery site script you would really be doing self a mis service if don't try this one first.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I would not recommend this to people who don't know what they are doing. The support is AWFUL. The forum moderators there are EVIL. They threaten to ban left and right FOR NO REASON. I was threatened to be banned because I asked a simple question. I provided all the error details, told them I fixed it all. I was just curious WHY I got the error. What did they respond with? That I would be banned because I went against the rules...I didn't provide a link to my gallery. EVERY time I post there I get my head bitten off because I didn't memorize their FAQ and rules. As a forum owner/moderator I understand frustration when it comes to answering the same questions over and over again. But threatening to ban because you didn't supply a link to a site that could be seen as spam? Someone else needs to make a support site for this software so that people can actually get help!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Coppermine is a great gallery script with lots to offer. In the basic version it's quite easy to work. Soon as you start adding a couple of plug ins and try to offer large high resolution images coppermine comes to it's limits. File uploads end up in fatal errors and and batch uploads showing only thumbnail images. After reading through 100s of pages on documentation and posts in the support forum starting finaly you one thread you are very quick told of for not reading the documentation and and not applying to the board rules. As sumary to say, if you don't need anything special like offered user permissions, trying to sell your fullsize images as downloads and you know basic html to modify the template files to your liking you have a great gallery. When you start needing support and you don't know any html or php coding it get's very time consuming and frustrating.

  • This awesome software is a little tricky for the novice php coder but should be a wiz to learn if you don't mind investigating your questions using coppermine's huge support forum. this php website script features tons of themes out of the box, easy installation and can be retrofitted to any site's current look and feel with a little bit of extra work.

  • I have been designing websites for a number of years now, and have never come across a more worthwhile FREE photo gallery. It's crammed full with great professional features simple user/admin navigation. Easy trouble-free installation (took me less than 5 minutes). Truely effective software for advanced image/photo & file manipulation. Also has good cross package integration. I give it a resounding 5-5.

  • I'm a genealogist and part of that is off course also to collect old photos, as pictures brings life to people who are dead. I once wrote a simple gallery my self - but now I installed Coppermine. It was incredibly easy, and easy to use. I also installed it for a customer who is 74. And He loves it as well. I'll give it five stars right away. You can see mine here : g1410/index.php

  • I have been using Gallery2 and Coppermine for a long time. Coppermine and Gallery both have uniqe functionalities, but Coppermine uses much less system resources than Gallery2. For that reason, I think Coppermine is a better script. Gallery2 eats too much system resources.

  • Coppermine sets its self apart in its simplistic approach of providing a robust easy to use interface of categorizing and displaying images, documents, video and audio files from multiple sources. Coppermine is fully documented and supported. It would do you well to hang out in their forums, study the documentation, demo and tutorials to fully appreciate the amount of support, plug-ins and modifications that are available. At the least you will have something to judge all other software by.

  • I used this script for about 2 years and found it very user friendly. The layout is great. I can definitely recommend this script.

  • Coppermine developers are extremely active. They are constantly upgrading and improving an already full-featured, open-source program. They are very security aware, and provide bug fixes quickly. The support boards are super. Not only are there lots of helpful fellow users but the developers themselves are very active on the boards, and always willing to help fix your problems and help you learn. They are so helpful, I don't know how they have time to develop actively, but they do! Five Stars!

  • If you're looking for a quality, stable image gallery for PHP/MySQL, you can stop looking now. While not the easiest to set up, this package is incredibly versatile and with a bit of hacking integrates well with most of the readily available open source CMS products around. Thoroughly recommended!

  • This is an awesome script. Is is easy to install and ready to use right out of the box. It is compatable and works well with various bulletin boards or forum scripts. I am using it with phpBB2 and it works real good. I am in no way a tech savy or programming type of guy so I always look for easy scripts, and this one fits the bill. I just got one thing to say to the developers of this software, THANK YOU. You guys/gals ROCK!!!

  • I cannot simply find a photo gallery with the functionallity, ease of use, and cosmetics that this one has. I also enjoy the fact that it is easy to edit themes. All that is needed is a basic knowlege of CSS. Best image gallery out there, if there was a higher rating I would give that to it. Could not find any cookies that gave away passwords as other users have said. Try it! Eric Stokes

  • I have been hunting for a nice gallery to put on my site for ages. Coppermine is so fast and easy to use. I simply upload the files I want in my gallery to a directory, and batch add via Coppermine.

  • Well impressed, just discovered coppermine last week does everything I want and more. Has to be the best Gallery available, looked at loads of others, coppermine beats them all hands down congrats to all concerned in its development keep up the good work.

  • This gallery works fine for me. I looked around for quite awhile for a gallery to use on my site. Coppermine seemed to have all the features I was interested in plus some. I had a few problems getting it up and running but those were self inflicted problems. I just am not all that good at this stuff. They have a forum that will answer just about any question you have, and there are some really knowledgeable folks to answer your question if you can't find an answer. Bottom line: If I can figure it out, anyone can. You just have to read a little to get a handle on some of the fine points. I would recommend Coppermine to anyone looking for an easy to set up and use gallery. Good program and excellent support.

  • LOVE IT. Very easy to use. Generates thumbnails, allows you to create album categories and sub-albums, give images titles, descrptions, and even keywords which can be used for a quick database search by keyword. Moving images around between the albums is very easy, and I was able to customize the CPG colors and graphics to match my website without any trouble.

  • After reviewing what others have said about Coppermine, I must add my 2Ę as well. I have several clients that have been using Coppermine for just over 1 year now. Coppermine falls under GPL status. So I am grateful that it has *more* features than the average gallery (including those that cost). I think that some people expect a little too much at times- Lots of complaints and no real solutions. Either get out there and help code it, donate some cash towards the project, or shut it up. (Thatís said in a nice way!) Consider the following: - The script is relatively easy to install, and even recommends CHMOD modifications during installation. - It comes w/ tons of configuration options (how many thumbnails per page, add modify users, page title, etc.) and decent skins. - Although there is a bit of a learning curve, it is actually possible to create a nice hierarchy of galleries and albums. - Albums can be private or public, although the user gallery could be explained a bit better. There should be a few more options available. - It has automatic thumbnail creation and you can even add basic HTML like descriptions w/ links, bolding, and font colors to album descriptions. All in all, itís still close to a perfect 5-star solution, and blows away just about any solution out there. Itís definitely the most comprehensive gallery using a GPL license or similar status.

  • Hi. I wish to share my experience with you. First, I found the french language files to the "1.3.0" version only. not the updated1.3.2. it does bother you when you download not the up-to-date version of the software. right. ? the documentation is straightforward. When installing the script nicely checks whether your CHMOD settings are correct. That is nice! in addition, it does suggest to you how to chmod your folders correctly. cool. I was surprised to see that the script installed in one shot! that was so fast! Yet...... as soon as I logged on with the admin password..... I had a critical error. Critical error Script called without the required parameter(s). What is that? I liked so much the many different styles already delivered with the package. nice graphics too. French translation was not free of errors. am frustrated... when I try to upload a test photo, it tells me I do not have the right to upload to any album. but where can I make my own albums then where I can upload? if i myself can not find this out, would users of my website be able to ????? that is it. I have spent 5 minutes trying to find out how to make my own album and upload pics... unsuccessfully. I would not recommend this script.

  • I spent some time researching the different galleries out there, and none looked as apealing, easy to install and use, yet be powerful and scalable, as Coppermine Photo Gallery. The themes look great. I'm not an artist, and don't want to create my own, but am picky enough to where I know what looks good and what looks like crap, and the Coppermine themes, to me, look great. Uploading pictures is easy. Auto-thumbnail creation was a must, and this gallery does it great. The options are perfect. I don't want user galleries, just my own, and locking it down was easy. I did have to modify a few html files to remove some unwanted buttons, like the login button that viewers don't need to see, but finding it was easy due to the well marked html code. Creating the database was easy as well. And the support for it is awesome. Usually, if you post a question/issue on the support forum, you'll get a response that day. There are a few nit-picky things about the gallery that I don't like, such as some cookie issues and a quarky interface (to a degree, it's really pretty good), but this is way better than anythign I could design and is free, and seems to me to be way better than other galleries out there. I've got some friends who are very good web/graphics designers, and they are asking me about my gallery, because they like it. That tells me that the folks who designed Coppermine have done a great job.

  • Just one bad thing about Coppermine - all image URL's is changed when somebody adds new image(s) to gallery. All links are relative. So, when, for example Google indexes the site with some image links, after some days they become wrong and visitors from Google goes to wrong place... Guys, please fix this ;)

  • Coppermine was by far the easiest to install of many photogalleries I tried. Setting it up was mostly intuitive, though the gallery-album structure is pretty confusing at first. Adding photos was a breeze via FTP. Overall I have to say this script impressed me, and is the best free script I have found. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a searchable photo data base and gallery.

  • This script is great for all the features it has on it. I use it for a business site I have and for another business site that wanted it installed. I love the templates you can choose from! Great script!

  • The password and permission code is very poor. It stores the passwords in plain text in the database, and also stores the passwords in a cookie while browsing, making it very easy to crack. Also, the secondary groups don't work, making it impossible to use this for private albums. However, if all you need is a photo album where everything is available to the public, it works fine.