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  • I have looked at a few program like this one and found that this is the best one out of all of them. I have had it installed for about 3 months and it works great. keep up the great work on-line bookmarks

  • Truly one of the more beautiful and well-crafted bookmark systems. My main gripe is that it mysteriously screwed up and wouldn't let me log in after 3 days or so. This was unfortunate since I was pretty pleased with it's performance and I had a long list of links already set up. (shrug) Even changing the MD5 password via PhpAdmin didn't help. Scarred. If it wasn't for the log-in messup, I woulda given it 5 stars.

  • It works ok but it gets a bit annoying. You can't stack long lists of links on top of each other. This defeats the purpose of using "blocks". Everything crams up on the right side eventually. Don't forget to choose the color of the link to match the color of the headline box. If you maintain a small list of categories, though, this will be ok. I don't.