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  • It was vary easy to set up. A++ Just wish it had username and password. I found users was faking they where someone else, so i had to remove it.

  • This Forum is absaloutely outstanding!!! - I don't know how it's free it's that good!! - The excellent detail that has gone into planning this.This is far beyond me.It's absaloutely outstanding. Note: You must have PHP installed for it to work.

  • Downloaded and installed and running on website in 10 minutes - and I'm not a designer or anything! Great stuff

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I agree with everything the older five-star reviews say--I had the same great, nearly spam-free experience with it for several years. In the last months (summer 2012) though it's been getting more and more spam, now at least one message a day. The spammers have finally gotten the upper hand over the security in this script. However, because the script worked so well and was so simple to use, I want to stay with the same creators, PHP Junkyard, so I'm switching to their PHP Guestbook, which includes more spam protection. I would have given this script an unequivocal "5" a few months ago, but but I can't any longer because the spammers have figured out how to beat it.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I love the simplicity and ease of use in the MBoard. Installation is a snap. I rate this script as "Excellent" because it really is. Nothing crazy or overly complicated. Thanks for the script!

  • I used this script for my Class Reunion web page, it has been a lot of fun and very easy to use. I have a little php and html experience, and it was still simple to install and run. Two thumbs up.

  • I must say that I just LOVED this script. It was easy to set up and the support forum helped me to customize it as well. I just wish that all free scripts were this easy to use. I am most pleased that it does not use a real bloated data file. Kudos to the author!

  • Mboard is a pretty cool script. Well thought out and compact. The only problem seems to come when you add entries then use the back button. Going back or forwards can add copies of the message you just wrote or try to delete a message you just deleted. This problem doesn't seem to happen in its original state - just when you try to customise it. All but the slightest changes seem to result in this error.

  • Like you said that is NOT a problem with MBoard, it is a problem with YOUR editing. You probably have some code that prevents caching. A bit unfair to blame MBoard for what you did wrong, don't you think? I am sure you would have gotten help with this if you posted a question on the support forum.

  • This script is great! Easy to setup and to use and even customizeable. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • I really enjoyed using this PHP script. It was very easy to understand and setup and even customizeable without too much effort.