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  • I was looking for a good paid subscription site solution, and kept running into dead ends and WP plugins that only use PayPal (I was specifically trying to avoid WP because of the security vulnerabilities and PayPal bc of their shady practices)....I wanted to use a simple drag and drop builder as well..I thought it was a pipe dream until I came accross this! I can now have a paid site anywhere I want that will let me add a snippet of code and accept credit cards through stripe Hallelou!

  • I have a blog and a stock tip site with Sentry logins. WAY better than AuthPro or any other system. Sentry is newer and better, cheaper. The only way to go...

  • Sentry is the best of the low priced hosted password dealies that I've found so far. Lots of features and easy to use. What I like best is payment failures of members automatically bans them, and they can get / change their own passwords, etc. Saves me time.