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  • You will not get support unless you pay first, starting from $75 per hour, I purchased the software and could not use it. I spend time to translated in Arabic and upload it but I have problem to add advertise.

  • e-Classifieds Corporate Edition First point, they host the classifieds for you. So if they go out of business then you will not have your software anymore! I'm pretty sure they won't last with all the problems they have. e-Classifieds are very nice when you purchase their software, but after that, no matter what the problem is they will NOT talk to you on the phone unless you pay $150 upfront. Even if the bug/problem is their fault. Their software is full of bugs so you have to contact them through an online ticket system. This can be useful but if you have a major problem then you have to wait around until they decide to contact you. Then you usually go back and forth for 3-4 days until they fix the problem or tell you they might have it fixed in the next version of software. As far as I can tell, there are only 3 people that work there. The owner who is nonexistent, a president who is actually just a sales person and won't call you back unless you are buying something, and a tech person who will only go back and forth through an online ticket service. He will NEVER call you even if the bug is their own problem and your classifieds are not working. e-Classifieds software also has bugs they are aware of that will confuse and scare off people placing classifieds. For example if someone is placing an ad then pays for the ad, they go to a page that says thank you for payment. But their ad is not actually paid for. They have only put money into their account. So the person has to go back and place the ad again. I'm pretty sure they won't place the ad because they are already frustrated. I am aware of other people that have signed up e-Classifieds and have decided to go with another solution. So they have wasted at least $1500 until they are aware of all the problems with e-Classifieds business.

  • No telephone support, even if it's their problem and your web site does not function properly.