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  • UWE Bristol library creates and publishes its learning resources using Jamroom. These materials are authored and published by a tema of librarians. We request new features from our web developer who can deliver them quickly and reliably due to the extensible module system and clear code. Since moving to Jamroom our workflow has been transformed, the quality of our learning materials is greatly improved, and we are far more in control of our publishing. Completely happy with Jamroom - highly recommended!

  • Built for professional web developers, its very flexible if you have HTML skills, but its not all drag-n-drop. Tip: Use their hosting to get all the premium stuff free on unlimited sites.

  • Very flexible, kept constantly updated and the support team is super responsive and helpful. For the bargain of the century, look at their hosting service where you get ALL plugins and pro support for FREE with your hosting plan. I've run my social network on them for over 2 years now- fantastic!

  • The basics may suit most people who simply want an easy way to make up their first personal webpage, but I was discouraged and uninstalled when each feature had it's own pricetag to enable. There are some free modules which may suit your needs, but things as simple as being able to post Youtube videos or edit user profiles cost between $9 to $20 per feature.