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  • Sure a few bug fixes here and there, but this little gem is pretty much dead. Its a cms thats largely been carried for years now purely by plugin developers. The stable branch 4.0.x has offered absolutely nothing new in years, while the supposed development branch 4.1 is pretty much just vaporware. The ex-lead developer 'zem'/alex shiels decided to abandon the project and has gone to work for the even less impressive Wordpress. I guess he just had to be shown where the money was..

  • (I am not a techie, I know HTML and CSS,but no coding skills at all are need to use it.) I installed txp in 5 minutes; intuitive to work with (after reading about forms, sections and page templates); very flexible with lots of easy-to-install plugins available; uses clean CSS, HTML and the custom tags are intuitive; patchy documentation but community forum support is excellent; makes blogging a joy (much better than Blogger etc); secure multiauthor contributions built-in, eg use as a company CMS