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  • In the past weeks I compared several products of CMS. I found that Toko is the best deal for the money and for the most part it meets my needs and will meet the needs of my clients. The main advantage other then the FCKEditor that i truly like is the fact that i need to pay only once and not add any fee for every site i build. One remark: The commercial version uses php5. Php4 is only the free version.

  • I build more than 5 websites a month and I let my users use TOKO CMS as their content management system. After delivering the website to the clients I hardly ever hear from them again since they can do most of their changes themself fast and without any need for technical knowledge. I highly recommend using this product.

  • This program is a refreshing alternative to one who has spent inordinate amounts of time trying to make sense out of the convoluted mess that the Nukes have become. This CMS system has a very clean architecture and simple interface, but don't let that fool you... it still has all the power of Nuke without all the confusion. Web sites created with this product are clean, organized, scalable, and extendable. It's not free, but well worth the modest price.