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  • It does no longer free. The latest free version is so old. It include php 4.0.5 and MySQL older than 3.23. No extensions available. In other word it does not an option. Look for another product like firepage phpdev.

  • This is a fantastic tool! I had no clue what so ever about PHP, Apache, and MySQL and still don't know much about them, but I could install all of them on my Wndowss NT workstation in 5 minutes. This will be more precious when you, like me, try to install PHP on your windows PC manually or even with other installer programs. Great job and please keep going this fantastic good job.

  • I am an absolute beginner as far as coding is concerned. I was able to compile and install Apache+PHP+MySQL on my Linux box, but not on my Windows laptop. PHPTriad took away my problems. I installed PHPTriad on W98/W2k -enviroment in 10 minutes! Now I have a workable platform to develope with. Try it and you'll be amazed how easy it can be. Chapeau! to PHPTriad Team. # mb