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  • If you can think of it, LimeSurvey can do it. We use this system to conduct questionnaires of all sorts from market research surveys to tests and exams. We can create equations that score the surveys on the fly, create variable text reports, embed audio, video and html within questions and answers. It's a stunning piece of software. If the software licence was only $999 I would pay it - but it's FREE and it's open source. Just the mot glorious piece of software out there! Find any excuse to use it.

  • This is one of the worst survey applications I have had the pleasure to work with! Sorry did i say pleasure, yes I did! Because this is an awesome piece of software and has all the features you could wish for. It is stable, ascetically pleasing and works perfectly. For such an advanced application I would be expecting to pay hundreds of pounds but it is free! Use this software and you will most definitely not be disappointed - Awesome with great support as well!