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  • Lacks pre-loading upcoming images. Look at something FAR better - "Single File PHP Gallery - SFPG" which is free! Gallery3 is just aweful by Menalto!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • I love G3 when I first tested on local computer but when I tried it on my web server, it is not working... It is advisingme to turn on the short_open_tag. It is also activated on my php.ini file but ain't working yet. Hope you can fix this issue.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I have been using Gallery2 and Coppermine for a long time. Coppermine and Gallery both have uniqe functionalities, but Coppermine uses much less system resources than Gallery2. For that reason, I think Coppermine is a better script. Gallery2 eats too much system resources.

  • A better written gallery program than most, but needs work in the user/admin area. Navigation is awkward and setting user permissions is confusing. If you want to alter the appearance out of the box, the default theme is matrix. They say to copy the theme into a folder called "local" instead of altering the original theme, but this will conflict with the config file that was created at install. Gallery is yet another example of how good code writers lack good user sense.

  • This is an amazing script. Loaded with features, it's extremely powerful yet relatively easy to use. The modules system extends the power by adding exciting new features such as RSS feeds, random album highlights, support for 5 different graphics libraries (DCraw, ffMpeg, GD, ImageMagick and NetPBM) and much more. The permissions system is excellent, and the embed API makes it easy to integrate Gallery2 with another application, such as a forum or CMS.

  • The gallery2 package is simply amazing. The installation of the large package was the easiest installation ever done in my 9 years of web publishing. Perfectly guided by a simple howto and most installation steps automated. Fully configurable to create the look and feel of your needs. SE friendly mod_rewrite URLs, validated RSS feeds and again an amazing number of built in or added features. Best of all SE and visitors love gallery2 - my traffic went straight UP.

  • Canīt say a thing, this script is amazing. An user says, its hard to install, but iīm started with PHP 1 week ago, and need to tell, itīs really simple to complete the installation, just need to be readed the "read-me" files. Setup is in 10 full explained steps. Amazing script.

  • This program is horrible. I should have known, since the site didn't load. However, the download link worked and I expected a standard installation. With 590 files included within the zip, I would have thought this would have an automated setup. The instructions (once you figure out where to find them) require you to create your own config.php and .htaccess w/ proper permissions. I never got this to work; it's a waste of time.

  • I have run this on several different sites, and while it works for the most part I've switched almost all of my sites to Coppermine. I find that the Gallery system is very sluggish. Click on a link, wait, click on a link, wait. It's not at all smooth or snappy. On the user interface side, I think it's a disaster. Especially for the typical web user. My job is to create a site where users will enjoy and use the features of the site and STAY on my site. Gallery is just too confusing for the typical user. Even with the ability to customize, it's still confusing. I found that the only way to get away from that user confusion was to turn off just about ALL the features and just leave things as bare bones as possible. So why bother with it when there are cleaner and snappier scripts out there. It's a very powerful system (too powerful if you ask me). If you have users that will have the patience to really get into your gallery, then this may work for you.

  • I've looked hard and long for a gallery-script and now I've found it. Gallery is very easy to install and to configure. It has many exciting features. AND gallery has its own remote program for uploading images.

  • I'm just your average guy with a web server a home, a digital camera, friends and family to show pics to and above all, no time to waste on installation & configuration and maintenance. If you're like me, you'll enjoy Gallery. It does just what I want it to, it is both simple to use + it allows advanced configuration when required, no fuss, no complications, no loose ends. You'll love it. jp

  • This is a great and solid script. The install was easy and the online forum was a great help (one glitch in the upload dealing with the html_wrap). Everything else was right on the nose and WOW, what a great gallery! NetPBM binaries worked fine with a very small (if any) performance loss. This is what a gallery should be.

  • I had been looking for an image gallery for a long time.. while some had some features, others had the rest I wanted. Finally I found the gallery, that had all the features I wanted. I really like Gallery. Was pretty easy to install.. only little problem was that safe mode had to be turned off for it to work, which I did not quite like. But apart from that, the program works just great !! I love it. I love the tools it comes with for Remote Uploading and the integration with Windows XP explorer for easier uploading. Great job Guys !!!

  • Gallery is a very easy to setup, easy to use image gallery application. The only flaw is in the login procedure: If an unknown user clicks a link to a locked album, he falls back to the gallery main page, which is not optimal. Optimal would be if he were presented with a login page.

  • I love Gallery!! Pretty easy to setup, and easy to admin! Once your start dropping pixs, in wow! This stuff is so cool!!!

  • I have a small personal site,, which I value greatly. The dearest part of my site is my picture Gallery where I have my family's vacation pictures in various countries. The Gallery by Bharat Mediratta and his colleagues allows me to share those moments with numerous friends and family members that life has scattered over more than a couple continents. I am a keen amateur photographer and I just wanted an easier way to put the digital pics online for friends and family to enjoy. While Adobe Photoshop and other programs do a fine job, they tend to be static once created. Gallery allows me to add, delete, move, caption and reorder at will. Few days ago I knew nothing about PHP (still don't really) but in a matter of hours was able to create my first galleries for others to enjoy. Any questions I had were answered already by others in the forum archives on the Gallery site. Being a non-techie and completely ignorant when it comes to php and scripting I found the Gallery extremely easy to install and configurate the script to work in the manner I wanted it to. The Gallery is an excellent application - if only other php applications had the same superb configuration wizard... The 'end product'--my site's photo gallery--is guaranteed a place on my server from now on. A credit to the Open Source Community, for sure. Many thanks. Very efficient, and effective. Prior to using the Gallery, I have tested and dismissed seven other scripts that promised many things, ease of use among them, but consistently failed to deliver. Either they were so complex and cumbersome to install and configure that any hope to get the script running would soon die, or the features were so primitive that is was a disgrace to put it up on my site. Gallery, in my honest from the heart opinion, is the best photo management script for sites of various sizes and users with any background. Stop searching and give it a try. You will NOT be disappointed. Alex

  • I searched for a long time before finding this excellent PHP script. I uploaded the script and it was a breeze. Any problems are quickly addressed by the author (Mediratta) or other people involved in the project, along with tons of users! I am blown away by the fact that this is free! Like I stated in the summary of theis review: You can't find a better one!

  • If you are looking for a gallery that a client can maintain. This is the one. This script does it all. Amazingly easy to install and customize. Thanks!!

  • You can stop looking right now if you're looking for an ALL-IN-ONE gallery package/script... this thing has so many features (all highly customizable) that it's hard to believe it's FREE! It's easy to install, easy to use, very customizable, and also fully compatible with PHPNuke or NukePost... advanced web development is getting too easy...

  • gallery (version 1.0b7) is a great piece of code. In this latest version it ships with the needed graphic library, so you can set it up in no time. gallery has one of the nicest user interface which is highly configurable too. You can upload single/multiple pictures and even zip files full with picture via the web interface to your album. A user system gives you the ability to offer you friends a space in your album. The highlight functions let you select the best picture from an album to show up in the album overview. There are many more nice features. The only drawback i see is that it has a flat structure, so you can not build up your galleries in a hierarchy.