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  • Just had real troubles with this company, the script is fully encrypted (ioncube) and uneditable, it looks very dated and you cant change a thing. This would be a great script to develop if it was editable!! BAD COMPANY: I contacted the company to get a refund as it was described in their terms that it is ok to edit the scripts and there was no mention that the script was uneditable on the product page. I posted on their forum - this was promptly deleted by them and my 3 emails ignored. Trying to chargeback through Paypal now. Terrible service. Would recommend CS-CART as an alternative about $265 but well worth it, all the features and much more of this script, fully editable, good support and professional product. Very please with that.

  • The script is a very good idea. However there are no help files in the program. There is a section for them, but none there yet. I installed it myself, but could not get it to work. I payed them to install since they guaranteed it would work or money back. It still doesn't work to this day and all attempts to get them to correct it have been to no avail. Sandy one of the support people even told me that I had messed it up after they installed it. Nothing like no help and being insulted!