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  • As a sm. business making my 1st website, I had no idea how to make myself publicly visible. A friend said, "SEO, Learn it, Live it, & Love it." Clueless, I decided to buy The SEO Success Kit. After downloading, I went through it like a workbook. It described complicated terms/codes in ways I could understand & manipulate for my site's Metas. In a week I saw my site listed on the 1st pages of search engines. Check my scores on whois.domaintools.underfo, almost 100% in every category

  • When it comes to Search Engine Optimization this is about the best program I have used. Do it Yourself Kit SEO Success Kit is very easy to understand. The instructions were easy to follow but you need to read them a few times thoroughly so you get the full meaning of what to do. If you follow the concepts that are in the program you will be surprised in your listing results. The ratings (Rank & Index) of your pages on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will rise in a relatively short tim