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  • I purchased a website from someone who had purchased the license for this GARBAGE software. When I took control and asked for help, they accused me of stealing it. So I bought a license. Then after buying a license for 99USD, they told me I need to buy another license for 50 USD due to their logo being gone. I didnt buy it, as I felt I was being blackmailed. Then they had the site blocked on the former host. I raised a claim with PayPal which I lost, and they took away my license. So Overall, the software sucks, the service sucks, and I dont even have access to what I paid for now. Not that I would ever use it, but it is the principle.

  • These people are scammers who provide a very unprofessional service. They hide behind the internet while ripping off customers. What they fail to realise is that other cost occur when setting up a new online business. Time is also put into the project that can not be recovered. The internet should be policed from scammers like this

  • I'm typically not one to complain about service - I'd much rather give praise. But I do have a valid, legitimate complaint about my experience with this company. I ordered a copy of VideoWatch Pro a few months back. Ordered the complete package - the license, software installation, AND server configuration. When I placed my order, I received an email from the developer requesting my FTP and server login details - which I promptly supplied, and in the same email requested an ETA on completion. No reply. A few days later, I wrote back again, asking for an update. No reply. A week later, after not hearing anything at all from the developer, and after having lost hundreds of dollars, I submitted a paypal claim to get my money back. Guess what - I LOST because this is considered an "intangible item"! So I am now out $400, and the only resolution offered by the developer was a refund on installation fees - which was about $75. Also consider this. They have NO community forum. This tells you you're relying entirely on the customer support I experienced if you run into bugs or other issues with your software. So good luck! Here's another thing to consider. Play around with the demo long enough and you will find the software is RIDDLED with bugs. Half the demo videos don't even work. This was my experience, and I only post it in hopes I can prevent others from going through the same thing. I am going to seek further small claims legal action against this company. Don't put yourself in the same situation!

  • You have received everything you paid for. What you neglected to mention was that you downloaded the script and modules the same day you paid for it. After the server setup and script installation service were performed, you changed servers and did not transfer anything, which is why you lost everything. We are not responsible for you not transferring your website! All you need is a script installation on your new server.

  • This is exactly what I've been looking for. The perfect video solution that my business needs! This Rocks!

  • VideoWatch Professional! is an excellent script!It is the best video website software i ever saw, i didn't hesitate to purchase and deploy it! Within minutes my website was up and running. They also have some very cool modules for additional costs but they are priceless to me. The script is worth the cost and customer support is TOP CLASS!