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  • I did a very big mistake when i bought this script, i do regret now. The guys behind claim it is opensource, but what they give you as open source is a very old app they develop that will stuck, whatever you can do, it will stuck, there is no proper documentation and there is no support, they will play with your emotions and you will endup bu buying their commercial version and that's where serious problems start, nothing really works, all the addons don't work, look around and you will never see a success story of a site running clipbucket, for whatever help, they will make sure you pay some money, you will endup giving up to avoid stress and frustrations. PLEASE DO NOT EVEN TRY THIS SCRIPT. The guys behind are not honnest at ALL.

  • With no technical knowledge I started my own profitable video sharing site for free. ClipBucket is very easy to manage with impressive default features and advertisement manager. I choose ClipBucket after testing all the top Video sharing scripts and ClipBucket impressed me the most, its open source and amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who want to create a profitable video sharing platform without any technical or programming knowledge.

  • Just dont go to use this script as this guys just use the faith of open source but infact they are not with that open source faith. Rather then this they should claim them as business organisation. Business is not bad but to use emotional backbone with false intention is not correct. And more over its free script is not more the crap. if you want to start professional video site then with clipbucket i m sure one will end up paying more then 2000 dollars.. for brand removal, paid subscription etc etc.

  • Clip-Bucket sucks. Bottom line. All you who give rave reviews, please post a link to your website. I dare you.

  • It's free, but their free script sucks! And no matter what, you'll ended up buying their add-ons which cost $$$ and worse part about this community, the support! If you buy their extra products, you'll never receive what you've paid unless you send them nasty email about getting a refund and it could take up to 10 emails before they response. Same with their forums, you'll be lucky if someone can reply to your post within 3 days!. Also clip-bucket is full of bugs and their developers are not...

  • I am very new to starting a video sharing site. This was easy to setup and have running. I did it in about 15 mins. and I'm verrrrrrry new at it. This program rocks! Look out all you big guys....ClipBucket is gonna take over.

  • Clip-Bucket is sure one of the best video sharing script ever. I've tried many free video sharing but none of them can compare to how strong features and beautiful layout clip-bucket are. Great script! 5 star to them.

  • I've seen several scripts/demo of youtube clones, like phpmotion, mediashare, ostube and so on. Most of the were commercial. This one is free and surpasses all of the scripts I've seen. You can create channels, groups , ... you get 3 maginficant templates with the script (one thats just like youtube, and two great other ones) The support is also amazing. The community is small but effective if you need help. Addons are being produced and you get free updates. Truly my favorite script! THANKS