Getting Started with Twitter’s Bootstrap

In this month's featured article, 'Getting Started with Twitter's Bootstrap,' we have a compilation of great resources (tutorials, screencasts, plugins, and builders) to help you get started with and make the most of Bootstrap. Read More

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So you want a developer-friendly web hosting service?


It is fascinating to note how web hosting services have evolved so rapidly in the last few years to cope with web applications that are always on the look out for more resource allocations, faster processing speed and scalability. While shared, managed or VPS hosting services are still popular choices,… Read More

9 Step Guide to Developing the Perfect Website UX


This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. Optimal user experience is rarely achieved through visual design elements. What really matters is that the content is actually accessible and logical, factors which visual design can certainly support and effectively communicate. To present your website’s content in the best way possible, it’s… Read More

WordPress Plug-in Development & Marketing: Crucial Things to Consider


One of the main reasons behind the success of WordPress is its plugin architecture which allows users to extend its functionality without making any changes to the core software. With more than 38,000 free plugins, WordPress now powers nearly 24% of all websites. Unfortunately, WordPress neither publishes plugin-related press releases… Read More

Most Popular DIY Website Builders


In this month's issue of the HotScripts Newsletter, we take a look at some of the most popular website builder solutions. Our list covers website builders, e-commerce builders, and portfolio builders. Read More

Is It Time to Embrace Git? Yes, and Here’s How


In this month's article, we'll look at some resources that explain the benefits of Git, as well as others that show you how easy it can be to use Git. Embracing Git can improve your productivity by simplifying code change tracking and - when needed - restoration of earlier versions of a project. So let's delve into Git and "git" (pun intended) going! Read More

Integrating Android Apps with

Author: Seetha Annamraju Abstract: This tutorial gives an example of a native Android application and how to integrate it with the Salesforce Analytics API. It is a step-by-step procedure for pushing data to your mobile clients using the API, and an explanation of how to leverage the Analytics API for… Read More