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10 Web Development Technologies to Learn this Weekend


Luckily, not all of the new tech advancements in web development require months of study and practice to master. Many, in fact, can easily be learned in a single weekend.

The 10 Most Popular Open Source Web Applications of All Time


This article takes a look at the 10 Most Popular Open Source web applications that have, over the past few years, matured and gained even wider adoption.

Top 10 Front-end Development Frameworks


Front-end development frameworks have been a hot topic within web designer circles for the past few months. These handy tools set out to save time and effort when it comes to the mundane tasks of designing web sites or applications. This article takes a look at 10 popular front-end frameworks and highlights their major features.

Accessing Salesforce Data from Backbone.js Using the REST API

thumbnail is a development environment that allows you to build cloud apps, as well as extend Salesforce CRM apps.

Learn How to Code for the Web


Here are an even dozen learning sites that will get you started with a variety of different types of languages and web development environments.

What’s New in Database Technologies & Tools?


The heart of any website or application today is its database. With many different options available for today’s web developers and designers, it can be difficult to decide which is best suited for a specific project.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Script


With the number of available web scripts and applications exploding, the process of finding the one that perfectly fits your needs and requirements becomes more difficult than ever…

20 Free Scripts for Improved Website Images


Here are 20 free scripts you can use to improve your use of images on your websites, divided into five different categories — manipulation, animation, resizing/cropping, display, and other.

How to Make Your Site More Secure in 2014


Although rigorous backing up of your site files and data is essential, many other techniques exist for securing your site to guard against attacks so you don’t suffer downtime and lost income. In this article, we’ll go through some important tips for securing a new or existing website.

The 2013 Web Development Year in Review


With another year almost finished, and 2014 waiting in the wings, it’s time for our annual look back at what’s happened in the area of web development throughout the year.