15 MySQL Database Administration Tools

If your web site or application is backed by a MySQL database, chances are that you’re using phpMyAdmin to manage it. phpMyAdmin provides a simple interface that allows you to create databases, define table structures, perform CRUD operations as well as supporting other useful features like table import/export and optimization.

There are however many phpMyAdmin alternatives that provide added functionalities like GUI interface for designing database and setting table relationships. In this round up we take a look at some of the desktop and web based MySQL database administration tools.

Desktop Based MySQL Administration Tools


SQLyog GUI is a powerful MySQL manager and admin tool, combining the features of MySQL Administrator, phpMyAdmin and other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL GUI tools.

Platform: Windows | Price: $99 (Professional License)

Navicat for MySQL

Navicat for MySQL is a powerful Database administration and development tool for MySQL. It works with any MySQL Database Server from version 3.21 or above, and supports most of the latest MySQL features including trigger, dtored procedure, gunction, event, view, and manage eser, etc. This software is commercial, but a Navicat lite version is available for free

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix | Price: Commercial (also available for free as a lite version)


DbVisualizer is a Java-based database tool for developers and database administrators aimed at helping them develop and maintain databases. It is the perfect choice since the same tool can be used on all major operating systems accessing a wide range of databases. One of its great features is query builder that provides an easy way to develop database queries through a point-and-click interface.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix | Price: Free


HeidiSQL is a lightweight, Windows based interface for MySQL databases. It enables you to browse and edit data, create and edit tables, views, procedures, triggers and scheduled events. You can also export structure and data either to SQL file, clipboard or to other servers.

Platform: Windows | Price: Free

SQL Maestro

SQL Maestro is a MySQL admin tool for MySQL database management, control and development. It provides you with a powerful set of tools to edit and execute SQL scripts, build visual diagrams for numeric data, compose OLAP cubes, and much more.

Platform: Windows | Price: $179 (Single Business License)

MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, visual database design tool developed by MySQL. It provides DBAs and developers an integrated tools environment for database design & modeling, SQL development and database administration.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux | Price: Free

SQuirrel SQL Client

SQuirreL SQL Client is a graphical Java program that will allow you to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands etc.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux | Price: Free


RazorSQL is an SQL query tool, database browser, SQL editor, and database administration tool for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. It provides both easy to use visual tools and advanced features to allow users to do database browsing, editing, management, administration, and programming.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris | Price: $69.95 (single user license)


Nerocode SQLWave is a MySQL GUI Client tool designed to automate and simplify database development process. It also provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements, query and manipulate data in different ways.

Platform: Windows | Price: Free (Business License: $99)


Database .NET is a simple, uniform and intuitive database management tool for multiple databases, It makes local and remote database administration easier – you can create database, design table, edit records and run SQL queries. Database .NET has support for other DBMS like Oracle, SQLite, SQL Server, SQL Azure, etc.

Platform: Windows | Price: Free


Querious is a MySQL database management application written from the ground up for Mac OS X. It makes viewing, searching, editing, importing, exporting, and structuring your MySQL databases easier all the while giving you full control without getting in your way. With Querious, you can even open up raw CSV or Tab files in a spreadsheet-like document.

Platform: Mac OS X | Price: $29

Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL databases. It gives you direct access to your MySQL databases on local and remote servers. Its query editor features automatic syntax highlighting as well as auto-completion of keywords, table names and field names.

Platform: Mac OS X | Price: Free

Web Based MySQL Administration Tools

SQL Buddy

SQL Buddy is an open source, lightweight and intuitive database management tool that is easy to install and configure on your server. It is AJAX based and its sleek interface makes it very simple to explore and manage your MySQL databases within your web browser.

Platform: Any PHP based server | Price: Free


Adminer (formerly phpMinAdmin) is a full-featured database management tool written in PHP. Conversely to phpMyAdmin, it consist of a single file ready to deploy to the target server. Adminer is available for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL and Oracle.

Platform: Any PHP based server | Price: Free


MonoQL is an AJAX web application to manage MySQL databases. MonoQL will provide all major features of phpMyAdmin for MySQL, including database & table design, data browsing & editing, advanced querying & more. MySQL 4+, MySQL 5+ and MySQL 6+ support

Platform: Any PHP based server | Price: Free