8 CMS Alternatives to WordPress

If you are on the lookout of an alternative CMS to WordPress, here’s a list of 9 CMS alternatives to WordPress for your consideration.



concrete5 is a content management system that is free and open source. Unlike other CMS’s, it has a strong focus on the editing experience thanks to its powerful in-page editing functionality; just click on what you want to change. For developers, concrete5 is packed with a lot of customization flexibility – it sports an advanced permission system, flexible data object models and built-in helper classes as well. concrete5 can be used to build and manage simple blogs to complex online magazine and e-commerce sites.



ExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich content management platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations around the world to easily manage their web site. It is a based on the popular open source CodeIgniter framework. Its forte is its security and stability; for instance, ExpressionEngine has never had a major security breach in the past 10 years.  The only caveat is that ExpressionEngine is a commercial application selling at $299 per site license.



Drupal is a free open-source CMS written in PHP used to build personal blogs, corporate and government website. The standard release of Drupal, known as Drupal core, contains basic features common to content management systems. These include user account registration and maintenance, menu management, RSS feeds, page layout customization, and system administration. Similar to WordPress, Drupal can be extended through modules – over 21,500 different modules are available in the Drupal repository.



GetSimple is a lightweight CMS that uses XML for storing data versus a database. It has a nice user interface, loaded with features that every website needs. One of its great features is its ‘undo’ functionality. You can ‘undo’ almost every action you can take on the site, giving you peace-of-mind for when you make those inevitable stupid mistakes. GetSimple can be expanded thanks to its powerful yet simple plugin system. You can easily write your own plugins or download one from its growing repository of pre-written plugins.



PyroCMS is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide to easily create & build a variety of websites & web-enabled applications. With an ever growing community and a large selection of modules, themes and addons PyroCMS makes it easier than ever to build your website!



Zotonic is an open source, high speed, real-time web framework  and content management system, built with Erlang. It is flexible, extensible and designed from the ground up to support dynamic, interactive websites and mobile solutions. Zotonic is incredibly fast and wonderfully stable – suited for anything from basic websites to complex distributed applications. It offers an elegant backend for managing content with the flexibility that developers need to build truly amazing applications.



HiFi is a ground-breaking hosted content management platform. It allows you to design beautiful websites with web standards and zero design constraints. Users will be bale to manage every aspect of their website using easy-to-use tools. Give your users easy-to-use tools to manage every aspect of their website.



WebsiteBaker is a free, easy and secure, flexible and extensible open source content management system (CMS). It has an easy to use interface, WYSIWYG editors in the backend, support for multiple languages and a decent file and media management system.  In addition to that, WebsiteBaker and its community are offering lots of extensions.