Adobe Open Sources Flash Frameworks

Adobe is continuously making efforts to open source parts of its Flash platform. The company, yesterday, announced availability of two open source frameworks: Open Source Media Framework and The Text Layout Framework both of which will allow developers to easily publish media on the Web.

The Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) enabled developers to build more robust and feature-rich media players (both audio and video players). Players can be customized with features like playback controls, video navigation, buffering and streaming. OSMF also includes an API for partners to build plug-ins for value-add services like advertising and reporting metrics for media.

The Text Layout Framework (TLF) will allow web pages to deliver sophisticated typography and text layout features and goes beyond what is currently possible with CSS technologies. TLF is an extensible ActionScript library built on top of the text engine in Adobe Flash Player 10.

The source code and component libraries for both OSMF and TFL are available under the Mozilla Public License.  By opening up the Flash framework, Adobe will be able to get developers to further improve its technologies and push adoption of Flash. Is this strategy a sign of Adobe facing competition from Microsoft’s Silverlight platform?