Need more business? HotScripts can help

Chances are… you’re fatigued with the effort of finding more business.  We understand.  Traditional job boards, networking, AdWords…they’re challenging.  Saturated with competitors, time-consuming to monitor, and grant frankly, they often don’t deliver results.  With HotScripts, we’re cutting out the fatigue and bringing you qualified prospects to your inbox.

Since its inception in 1998, HotScripts has retained its claim for being the largest script and web resource directory on the Internet.  With a constantly growing list of more than 47,000+ resources, HotScripts attracts over 1,000,000 visitors every month.  While in pursuit of web resources, many of these visitors are also seeking expert assistance with specific design and development needs.  Today, we are connecting this need with the expertise of designers and developers like you.

1 Simple Step Away from More Business

You’re just one, simple step away from putting your sales process on auto-pilot. Create and fund your account today and start connecting with some of our 1,000,000 visitors seeking assistance and support every month.

For only $10 per qualified prospect, you receive (in real-time) detailed project and contact information from qualified individuals and companies seeking your specific services.  Plus, to maintain a higher flow of prospects, we are limiting the number of active service providers.  Get in early and lock-up the flow of prospects to your business; not your competitors!

But ultimately, the question to ask is, “Does it Work?”

HotScripts delivers what it promises – pre-qualified leads for software development, design and script customizations. The team personally makes sure that the client has a bona fide interest in developing the project – in other words all leads are real. And while most projects are small, some of the clients have larger than expected budgets.” 
Georgi Mirchev, CEO Mirchev Ideas

I bought a few leads and within 3 days my company had contacts worth more than $3,000. HotScripts has allowed me to focus on development of projects rather than hunting down work.” 
Sandra Binns – Freelance Developer

Test out the new HotScripts lead program.  For $100 you’ll get 10 leads.  If you close 1 in 10 for $500; you’ll generate a 500% return on your investment.  It’s pretty simple.

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