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The 10 Best Programming Languages To Know For 2016

The technology world is increasing rapidly with every passing year and months as they’re springing up with new trendier smartphones, tablets, and other devices every day. And competition is heated within the market to develop the best. That’s why programmers and internet developers are in tremendous demand these days. This… Read More

DevOps for the Win?

What exactly is DevOps and how does it fit into our brilliant corner of the world? Some think DevOps is a fad. Some just a fancier, cooler name for what has existed for years already. Others can’t get their mind around how combining development and operations into a single entity… Read More

So, are you making backups of your website?

While everyone understands the importance of making backups of their sites, it is still a process that many of us skip or don’t execute properly. It is wrong to make the assumption that it is your web host’s responsibility to make backups for you—their backups are mostly for their internal… Read More

New Category – PHP Frameworks

We’ve just launched a PHP Frameworks category on HotScripts that highlights hand-picked resources for the 4 most popular PHP Frameworks: CakePHP, Zend Framework, Symfony, Prado and CodeIgniter. Each category features resources for that particular framework including scripts built out of these frameworks, books, tutorials and other development tools and utilities. Read More

New Categories – Magento Themes & Extensions

HotScripts has added 2 new Magento-related categories to help you take your store to the next level – Magento Extensions (Hand-picked Magento extensions that will allow you to extend the built-in core modules of your store.) and Magento Themes (Selection of both free and commercial Magento themes that will allow you to change the look-and-feel of your store.)

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New HotScripts Category – HTML5

We strongly believe that HTML5 will change the way pages are coded and NOW is the right time to start learning and experimenting with it. In our attempt to provide you with the best HTML5 resources, we’ve created a new HTML5 category on HotScripts. Read More

Understanding Script Licenses

Each listing on Hot Script is released under a particular license as defined by its developer. To help you better understand the different types of licenses, we’ve listed and explained some of the most popular ones. Read More

Shopping for Web Scripts

The nature of the Web has made it easier for fraudsters to scam us. We often hear stories of people being scammed when purchasing scripts. We have compiled a list of things you should look for when buying web scripts. If you choose wisely, you should get good value for money. Read More