Using built-in functions in ASP

There are a lot of functions in ASP. Some are for type checking, typecasting, formatting, math, date and string manipulation. One of the greatest thing I love about vbscript, is they are easy to learn and use. Read More

Counting how many users you have online

Counting how many users you currently have viewing your website is a neat thing to add to your site and it’s simple. In order to create this script, you must learn about session, application objects and the global.asa file. Read More

Active Server Pages

Many new to web application development will choose to use ASP because it is relatively quick to learn and easy to use. Here is an overview of the technology; how it works along with a brief introduction to the ASP objects. Read More

Simple ASP database techniques

When you start using ASP, you will begin working with databases. Interacting with databases can be very important. In this tutorial, we will be using a Microsoft Access Database along with technologies like ADO and the Connection and Recordset objects. Read More

Using Built-In ASP Components

In this tutorial, we will be working with three of Microsoft’s built-in ASP components. The Ad Rotator, Content Linker and the Browser Capabilities Component. Read More