CGI & Perl

Introduction to Perl

This is an introduction to the Perl language. Learn what it does, what it can and can’t be used for, what you need to have to use it, and more. Read More

Finding a string with preg_match()

preg_match() is one of the Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) functions. This functions give you more power when dealing with string manipulation than normal string functions. preg_match() is used to find one string of text within another, making use of regular expressions. Read More

Perl And MySQL; Using DBI; Connections

Perl abstracts databases using DBI, its database independent interface. Writing code using DBI is simple, for a programmer who has used Perl before, but for novices it can be a scary experience. This tutorial series aims at making the transition from flatfiles, or any other type of database to DBI a bit simpler. This article will focus on how to connect to a MySQL database, what it means, and what one can do from there. Read More

Pattern matching with Regular Expressions

Validating user input is an essential part of any web developers repertoire. Failure to validate well can result in cross browser attacks as well as garbage entering your database or other storage mechanisms. Read more to find out the basics of data validation using regular expressions with Javascript. Read More

What is CGI?

Many people think of CGI as some sort of programming language, and this common misconception is one of my pet peeves. So what exactly is CGI if not a programming language? And what use is it to the web designer? Read More

Randomness In Perl

Perl can be random, too! This article explains how to to use the rand() function in Perl in many contexts, as well as its origins. Read More